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CHARITY Table-Top Sale

Dear All

I am hoping to hold a CHARITY TABLE-TOP SALE on the last Saturdays of January and February, (to enable people to get over Christmas),

It is designed to help raise funds and awareness for the Mental Health Charity/ies, and awareness, in addition to making some extra money for yourselves!

There are, currently, TABLES AVAILABLE for those wishing to DECLUTTER, sell UNWANTED ITEMS, display/sell your CRAFTS/HOBBIES, etc, at a nominal fee.

If you are interested, please let me know asap, with your details (- what you would like to sell, name/contact info) by TEXT 07817 762203/leave message on voicemail (bad signal) on the same number.



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Louise T
Hi, I have just left a garbled message on your voicemail, have realised that I didn't leave you my name. So sorry, hate speaking to machines!! Anyway I would like a table for Feb 23rd if possible. I won't be organised for the Jan date.
Hope you have one available. :)
Hi "Just Purr-fect"
That's great, I will hold one for you, but can you please TEXT me your details (what you expect to be selling, your name and contact details) on the above number.  Many thanks! 
Hello Louise T

Thank you for your voicemail - that is fine, too.  I was going to call you back, but I had to get to the Internet Café quickly to complete something today.  I will call you later.
Dear All

Please excuse me if I am "delayed" coming back to any of your messages - I have to go to the Internet Café to post on Streetlife, although I can often read messages via my mobile.  (For some strange reason, often, when I try to post replies, on my mobile, it "crashes".  I don't know why!)  So PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!
It is also a similar reason that I ask people to TEXT - my mobile signal is so bad that calls usually go straight to my voicemail.  However, texts usually come through quite quickly.
THANK YOU all for your patience!

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