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Good Cleaner!

Does anyone know or can recommend a good cleaner for me. I have MS & do All my own cleaning etc along with help from my other half who is good. However, as my condition causes me to get very tired @ times i am having to break my pride a little & ask for some outside help. I need someone honest & trustworthy & a good worker who is willing to help me out with this task, any recommendations will be very much appreciated, thanks!


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Tracey S
Try "Spotless" Claire or Chris 01395 279326.
Melanie M
Hi. I run a small Home Help business called Comfortable Living which focuses on helping those elderly or people that are finding those every day chores a bit much. I have worked with many individuals over the last 6 years and have references from my customers which I can show you if you like.
Some of my ladies that I have looked after over the years have had difficulty in walking and hence doing their cleaning is something that has made their life so much easier. I am willing to do shopping , ironing and other every day domestic chores.
 I am based in Exmouth and would love to hear from you. My number for you to ring is  01395 267265.
Melanie l Moyle (Proprietor).
Thanks Melanie, may be in touch in the nr future, tho, a friend of mine has given me a recommendation, if all fails, will get in contact with you!
Melanie M
That is not a problem at all. I have references and have been crb checked. Just let me know if you need any help I would be more than happy to come and have a chat.
Kind regards


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