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Junk Mail?

Are you fed up like me with your postman delivering unaddressed mail to your door only for you to pick it up and dump it straight in the recycling bin? Yes well good news, I found that you can actually opt out. 
All you do is send an email to and this automatically generates a reply with a form which you simply print off, fill in and send back (free post) and this should after a few weeks stop the junk Royal Mail delivers to your door for a period of 2 years.

As for the addressed junk, simply register here


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Richard S
All well and good, but it doesn't stop all the pizza and kebab leaflets !!!
No, but you have got to start somewhere.
Mike E
Just re post it back in the letter box, this will soon clog up the postal system the post office will take note
That's not very logical Mike E as a good part of their postal revenue (other than parcels) comes from delivering this rubbish.
Marion F
Thanks for that info John N, I was aware of the Mail Preference Service, but not the opt out for unaddresses mail or may have read of it some years back but not made  a note of it. I have to say that after moving back to  a city after 8+ years in  a town, I had forgotten quite how much take away and other leaflets you get in the  door and I think it's actually worse now, here I seem to get various leaflets most days?
Anne C
Very useful thanks! I will pass this on
Jane A
A real gem of information, thank you.

Do you know that you can also opt out of receiving junk phone calls by registering with the telephone preference service? Number in the front of the phone book, or, I am sure you can find it in line.
I'm with Yogalightness
Wendy E
What about charity bags? I am sick of them. I leave them by the door for ages and as soon as I give up hope of the empty bags being collected I get a knock at the door from some old lady wanting her bag back ¬_¬
Bill T inactive
whatever is posted through your door is legaly yours so the bags can be used for whatever you want , or thrown away:)
John R

Charity Bags

I just wonder why all these organisations can possibly think that we all have so many old clothes to give them. My old clothes aren't fit for anything other than using as rags or dusters. The cat likes the old jumpers to sleep on. 

Although after saying that there are certain houses near me where they seem to manage to put out stuff on quite a regular basis.

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