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Pongy French gas leak

Did anyone smell the supposed gas leak from France yesterday?
It was meant to be a harmless cloud of gas smelling of "sweat and rotten eggs" which came from a chemicals factory in northwest France.
Apparently it made it over the channel and as far as London according to reports. Can't say I caught a whiff, but did anyone?


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Dee S
not so far Freddy, lets hope we dont., its bad enough in the summer when we get wafts from the tip, beats me sometimes how people shop at Galleons Reach when theres a real pong there.
Linda H
I did smell a sort of diesel type of smell but it did not seem to last long.
We have been to Galleons Reach and the smell there is so strong I had to hold a tissue to my nose it was stomach churning it stunk as much inside the shops as it did outside.
Dee S
who were  the powers to be who decided to build a retail shopping area in such a place as Galleons Reach and to put restaurants there too.Its a no no in summer for me.
Rob G
A shopping centre in between a gas works and sewage plant? The developers must have got the land at a good price!!!
Rob G
I can sometimes smell it from here in North Street, it certainly clears your nostrils

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