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Alcohol fueled antisocial people in residential areas

Last week Waveney District Council quite rightly refused a 3am licence to a nightclub in Oulton Broad. [ An additional hour on their current 2am licence] The police objected stating that between April and November there were 49 crimes directly linked to the club which has a capacity of 770 people,and that additional opening hours would undoubtedly have an impact on residents lives. Residents objected because they already suffer from the late night crime and disorder, Noise from drunk shouting people and from hundreds of taxis etc related to the existing 2am licence. A 2am licence already means that residents get no peace until 3am as it takes an hour to clear.
WDC Licencing Department should be commended for not allowing the situation to get worse but they should never have issued 2am licences to premises in streets where people live. Residents have the right to live in peace in their own homes and licencing authorities have an obligation [according to their own statement of licencing policy ] to consider the direct impact of the licensable activities on members of the public living,working or engaging in normal activity in the area concerned. Their policy also states that their aim is to .............Help build a fair and prosperous society that balances the rights of individuals and their communities by

Fine words,but meaningless to those of us who suffer from the antisocial behaviour generated by late licencing in residential areas. WDC needs to look at its own policy statements and make decisions that reflect the needs of hard working people trying to get a nights sleep.
I have no objection to night clubs or late licencing in general, but WDC Licencing department and panel members should avoid allowing late licences in residential streets. I would suggest they should  be in town centers or industrial areas where people would not be disturbed.


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David W inactive
I am delighted that the extra hr has been refused, but with so many crimes noted the club should have lost its licence completly like it would in Devon and Cornwall where I come from. Note that if up to 3 people make a complaint about any anti social activity the court can make them move away, that law is 6 year old now and should be used in this case.
Kenneth L was Mohair Sam
Penny F in total agreement with your letter, in the old days people went home at 11pm closing time" now it seems drink till you drop culture, W.D.C please 1am is late enought for Bridge rd.
It's also a social problem that the UK seems to be blighted with.  In European countries their bars, restaurants and clubs also stay open very late, often until way into the early hours.  But the culture is somehow different.  Young people (and older ones come to that) will often be out eating and drinking very late, but only in order to eat, to drink and to socialize with friends and family, not simply to drink until they're legless and rampant.  That's the difference, and in the short term I don't know how we're going to change that.  How it's come to this I don't pretend to know, but I do know it's acutely embarrassing when you're in a restaurant or bar on the Continent, and the only people getting hammered and making a spectacle of themselves are a party of fellow Brits.

In the short term, maybe all you and your neighbours can do is to complain, complain, complain, to the WDC, the police, and anyone else who might be relevant, and to keep on complaining until someone, somewhere, starts to listen.
David B
Originally this was a quiet motel. When did it turn into a rowdy nightclub? More power to your elbow Penny, in your quest for a quiet life for yourself and your neighbours.
Penny F
Thankyou all for your comments.
 David W , it was the police objection and the crime figures that helped to persuade the licencing panel that residents would be badly affected by the additional hour till 3am. This is the first time the police have formally objected ,although they have had a police presence outside the club and have been aware of the situation for some time.
  Kenneth,I agree, in the past 11pm was considered to be a  reasonable time in a residential street and it was a far better community to live in then. I know things are different now but still I think I would settle for midnight closing. However it is not just the time, it is the number of people.The Wine Lodge is licenced for over 700 .Crazy in a residential street which is also a busy road.There will be a serious accident some time soon.I watch people so drunk they can hardly stand,dodging traffic every weekend.
  Jay we do intend to keep on complaining until someone somewhere ,starts to listen. Hopefully other people who disagree with WDC issuing late licences will complain too.
  They can write to
The licencing Dept  and
The Environmental health Dept  and 
Mr Colin Law Leader of the council  at 
The Town Hall
WDC Tel no ....523470
WDC Out of hours team can be called at night if anybody is disturbed by antisocial behaviour,music shouting screaming etc.Their tel no is ...515435
The police emergency no for fighting or criminal behaviour is of course 999, however people can phone 01986835300 to contact the police for non emergency situations.
  David you quite rightly say originally it was a quiet Motel when I bought my house in 1997. I find it incredible that our council ,in spite of residents objections, has seen fit to issue later and later licences for huge numbers and watched it decimate our neighbourhood. 
  Thanks again for your support.
Jo R
Hi penny,am pleased you are getting somewhere with the council a hour more you can't make it up!
I think the council has a undisclosed policy they have filled up yarmouth with scum and the are now doing the same to Lowestoft
The people who are out every night don't work and can afford to club it because they live in very cheap housing that we pay for
I am out in the cold working and they have the heating on day and night because they don't pay for it, we are governed by fools dedermined to break us to a passive people
Keep up the good fight!
Penny F
Hello Jo, Thanks for your support. I will keep on fighting.
 The 2am licence issued to The Wine Lodge has resulted in the closure of my business, an award winning B&B, voted the best B&B in Suffolk in 2009.
  That decision has left me with a business I cant run, a house that I could not sell and a mortgage I still have to pay.  I have no choice but to keep fighting. 
  The public need to start being more outspoken about things that are imposed on us by "the decision makers" We should not allow councils and councillors to make decisions which ruin peoples lives. Many residents in Bridge Road have moved away selling their houses at a loss. Others are sleeping in the back bedrooms, others wear ear plugs at night. This situation has to stop.
Thanks again.
Penny F
Last  weekend I watched a man in hand cuffs being questioned by police outside The Wine Lodge in Oulton Broad .  He had been involved in a fight.There were 3 police cars .
      Today The Journal reports a seperate incident where a man was STABBED in the carpark next to The Wine Lodge in Oulton Broad.  This happened at 2.20 am last Friday.
      These are not isolated incidents.There have been 2  shop windows broken in the last few weeks. There have been walls kicked over, broken glass,vomit and urine in our street.
      There is CCTV of men and a woman urinating up against walls.There is CCTV of people vomiting in the street,and of possible drug abuse .
       There must be a link between this sort of crime and disorder and the issuing of late alcohol licencing.
      WDC must stop this obsession with  "supporting the night time economy "
We must all let our councillors know that this must stop.
    Almost  any building could become a licenced premisis. Bridges wine bar was a chemist ,before its licence was granted by WDC, and that building is a terrace so it has an attatched neighbouring property{the poor resident }
  It could be your street next. All people who value their home life (and the value of their property) should let WDC know this is unacceptable.

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