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Alcohol fueled antisocial people in residential areas

Penny F in Camps Heath
Last week Waveney District Council quite rightly refused a 3am licence to a nightclub in Oulton Broad. [ An additional hour on their current 2am licence] The police objected stating that between April and November there were 49 crimes directly linked to the club which has a capacity of 770 people,and that additional opening hours would undoubtedly have an impact on residents lives. Residents objected because they already suffer from the late night crime and disorder, Noise from drunk shouting people and from hundreds of taxis etc related to the existing 2am licence. A 2am licence already means that residents get no peace until 3am as it takes an hour to clear.
WDC Licencing Department should be commended for not allowing the situation to get worse but they should never have issued 2am licences to premises in streets where people live. Residents have the right to live in peace in their own homes and licencing authorities have an obligation [according to their own statement of licencing policy ] to consider the direct impact of the licensable activities on members of the public living,working or engaging in normal activity in the area concerned. Their policy also states that their aim is to .............Help build a fair and prosperous society that balances the rights of individuals and their communities by

Fine words,but meaningless to those of us who suffer from the antisocial behaviour generated by late licencing in residential areas. WDC needs to look at its own policy statements and make decisions that reflect the needs of hard working people trying to get a nights sleep.
I have no objection to night clubs or late licencing in general, but WDC Licencing department and panel members should avoid allowing late licences in residential streets. I would suggest they should  be in town centers or industrial areas where people would not be disturbed.

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