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Baby friendly places to go

Hi, I have recently had my first baby (5 weeks) and when I'm out and about I don't really know where good places are for feeding/changing etc. the other day in town Greggs was the only place I could find with facilities, so I thought it would be good to list cafes/restaurants/other places that everyone else uses in the area? I also know the harvester is baby friendly. Thanks!


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Margaret B
The new place - Spring Tide on Horn Hill is baby friendly and most of the large supermarkets have changing facilities. Palmers in Yarmouth have changing facilities and high chairs and there is enough room in the ladies at the Lowestoft branch (formally Chadds) to change a baby but you need to bring a mat. I have a 3 week old grandson so am just learning the places but if I see any more I will post the info. Congrats on your baby. Hope you are not too tired as a new mum.
Jenny F
Congratulations cam, I am also a new mum to a very handsome little boy who is 4 weeks old and am pleased to see your post. I'm not too worried about finding places to change baby but as I'm breast feeding and still conscious of people's reactions to feeding my baby in public I would love to hear of where supports breast feeding in and around Beccles, harleston and diss or even some positive stories of bf as so far I have only really managed to feed in my car :-( and refuse to feed him in a toilet as some people have suggested !!
Best wishes to you and little one x
Margaret B
Hi Jenny,  
I can't speak from experience of breast feeding but I know a young lady who bf her babies in public. She is very discrete - in fact I was sitting next to her on one occasion and didn't realise until I looked hard. That was in the Harbour Pub in Lowestoft.Her mother tells me she also has fed him in Greggs in Lowestoft, She goes to a corner seat and sits facing the wall, so it isn't obvious.Have also seen someone in a MacDonalds (not local) bf. I think most cafes are ok nowadays, although I can understand how you feel. You can get covers, but I think once you are used to feeding it is easy to do it discretely. Don't worry about others reactions. You are doing something that is completely natural and very good for your baby. If people are shocked it is them who have the problem, not you. Try Greggs in Beccles, you can sit in the corner there. Or Beales (Westgate) in their cafe. Sometimes they have the front room open away from the counter and it doesn't get very busy there. Once you get confidence with feeding him I'm sure it won't be an issue to you or anyone.
Good luck & keep up the good work.
Andree I
Hello Cam G and Jenny,
I work at Lowestoft LIbrary and we welcome breast feeding Mums! There is also a baby changing facility. Our opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9~6, Tuesday and Thursday 9-7, Saturdays 9-5 and Sundays 10-4. We also have a special session for Mums with non-walking babies called Baby Bounce, these are held every Thursday morning (term time only) from 10.45 ~ 11.45. In the session we have loads of baby toys and sing rhymes with the babies. It's a fantastic way to meet other Mums, and it's free!! Feel free to come along any time!
Margaret B
I also noticed today that MacDonalds has baby changing facilities. Ideal if baby gets 'caught short' while you ae out
Andree I will tell my daughter about Baby Bounce. I know she is keen to get involved in baby groups. At the moment she is still trying to sort out a routine, but I am sure once that is established she would love to come.
Cam G
Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm yet to try out the new spring tide but I definitely will at some point. I hadn't thought about palmers in Yarmouth, that's good to know for an afternoon out. Margaret congratulations on being a grandparent- as you mention it's a whole new thing to consider when planning where to go out. Jenny- I can't believe anyone would suggest you BF in a toilet! I hope you find more places where it feels comfortable to do it. Andree- thanks for the info on Lowestoft library, I'm definitely going to come along to baby bounce but will probably wait until after Christmas now. My baby already has his library card! If anyone has more suggestions please do post xx

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