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Water Works Belstead Rd Update

Glen C in Belstead
This is the latest Upadate from Anglian water on the Water works and road Closures around Belstead rd

"We write to advise you of forthcoming road works which will necessitate the closure of part of Belstead Road from 18th February for a period of up to ten weeks.

Anglian Water is embarking on a £750,000 scheme to renovate the existing 1500m long trunk main between our Belstead pumping station and Stone Lodge Reservoir. The scheme involves a technique called slip lining – using the existing main as a duct to insert a new plastic main. There are only a few occasions where we are able to reduce the capacity of a water main, but on this occasion we can, and this means that road works are considerably reduced, as we do not need to dig long trenches in the road in the traditional way. However, the technique can only be carried out in sections, so pits have to be dug to be able to insert the new pipe. The distance between the pits varies due to a number of reasons, and in this case, we believe we can limit the number of pits to three in Belstead Road. The pits are quite large though – some 10-12m long and 2m wide, and they have to stay open until pressure tests are complete. With the position of the 18” main being close to the centre of the road, this means we have to close part of Belstead Road.

The section to be closed is between Fountains Road and the entrance to St Josephs College. As the side roads, Sandringham, Holyrood and Balmoral Closes only exit onto Belstead Road, we are planning to close Belstead Road in three sections to keep access open for these residents. We will also be able to keep access open for residents on Belstead Road, but the road will not be open to through traffic.

The diversion route for all vehicles, including busses, is Fountains Road and Stoke Park Drive and vice versa.

The college are aware as we are carrying out similar work across their land now. They have requested that we complete early so as to give maximum time for recovery of the grounds in time for the cricket season. We have agreed with Ipswich Borough Council that the road work follows the college section.

We have advised Ipswich busses and they are aware of the above planned date. However, the intention is to close the road for the minimum time possible to minimise inconvenience to all, so if we are not quite ready, we will delay by a few days. The bus company have asked to be advised with a confirmed date with a minimum 7 days notice to advertise a diversion. In addition, if we find we can safely open the road early, we will do so and advise Peter Larke at Ipswich BC.

We have delivered a letter to all residents in Sandringham, Holyrood and Balmoral Closes and the affected parts of Belstead Road, with contact details in the event of queries, and will be putting up advance warning signage nearer the time, as mentioned in the letter. Anglian Water also issued a press release earlier this month."

I hope this is of some help There will be an Anglican Water Engineer visting the site frequently during the process but they have advised if unable to obtain locally call the 24 hr help line on 08457 145 145

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