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My lovely neighbours were all out having a lovely time over the last two days building a snow family including a car and pet dog. Although this was build in the curb it was not in any bodies way for we can't get our cars into the road anyway because we don't get gritted. Between 6-7 approx yesterday eve some horrid person decided to knock them all down. I can't believe anyone in Kirkley could be so mindless. All I can say is I hope they think it was worth all the effort they put into knocking them down and have enjoyed making to lovely girls very upset.


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Stuart W
I've lost a snowman of my own this week, he was sitting against the wall peacefully minding his own business.

Shortly after, he was urinated on by a dog and beheaded :(
June A
How very sad...............and how sad those people must be to behave in such a loutish way!
Complete Bathrooms
not the first story iv heard about this my friends boy made a big snowman in there front garden some one came throught the gate and dicided to smash him up hartless people that can to that to children that have made there own special creation
Angela F
How true June.
Complete Bathrooms, I feel so sad for these poor children who have put so much time and effort in to their creations, especially as its really not that often we get enough snow to build such good snowmen around here.
We had a large snowman. The sun melted his head yesterday. Had I not been here I owuld have said that someone came along and knocked his head off, b ut no one did, it was the sun!
Angela F
This wasn't the sun, for it was still freezing.

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