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Christmas is just round the corner!

I need a cheery thread:  Ho ho ho, I hear Carols in the distance!  

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, doop pidoop pidoop pidoooo. :)

Just off to the Christmas Fayre at St Teresa's Hall this morning, first Mince Pie of the Season, rummaging around the stall and cheery conversation...  


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Robin F inactive
Wow the lights seem better this year. The red white and blue lights at the top of the high street seem more vibrant and Fields is looking a bit like harrods, even more twinkly lights with a new white centre piece. Most of the smaller shops have joined in to create a festive atmosphere.
Tell It As It Is inactive
We agree again Robin F .................. and the Nat West ATM illumination blends in quite nicely ............. can't see what all the fuss is about.
Robin F inactive
TIAII  Whatever floats your boat  :)
Anne V inactive
Ho ho ho, you two are obviously affected by the Christmas spirit already!  Peace and goodwill to each other...  ;P

There were no carols at the Christmas Fayre this morning...  Apparently they weren't appreciated last year as they prevented people from hearing each other chatting.  Oh well, finding a certified silver ring that fits, made of certified silver with a genuine pearl and paying 50p for it cheered me up no end!
Anne V inactive
Well, on a day like today, I cannot think of anything better to do than to take the Christmas boxes down from the loft! :)
Barnacle Bill
No no no - get outside and sweep up the leaves.
Anne V inactive
LOL on your bike, Bill! ;))

I actually have a 'neighbour' who really cannot leave one leaf alone, constantly ferretting about...  Shor'ly yoo gat be''er fingz too doo wi' yor life, tho, innit Bil' ?

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