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Video: Police Commissioners election - gosh, its quiet!

New video online: Police & Crime Commissioner election day on the streets - gosh, its quiet!


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Stephen D
I didn't vote as I disagree with the whole concept and did not feel that any of the candidates were worth the money.  As I understand it, the voting was of the AV type - I presume this was a sop to the Lib Dems, or should I say our Lib Dem government?!
Mike F
I was pleased to see that Tim Passmore has been elected (at least I think so - there were some odd figures on the EADT site earlier suggesting that Jane Basham had received more first preference votes than he). I appreciate those who are agin the whole thing, but I feel it is worth a try and see how it goes. The leaflet I received from Labour was in the wrong spirit, I felt - it was blatantly party political and included scaremongering and unrealistic promises.
Barbara S
Good to hear a more balanced  point of view, refreshing.......
Nick W
I agree Mike... mostly.  I only had the Tim Passmore leaflet and nothing from any of the rest of them, so I had nothing to choose from.  Same with local elections.  My end of town they none of them bother to canvas, and I alwasy get cross and say they don't deserve the vote.

I have to work for my living.

But as you say.... it's a done job now.  Let's at least give the bloke a chance to see if he is actually either up for the job, or allowed to do anything.
Tom C inactive
Too political for me ! Whoever is picked for police commissioner we wil just get the same old , same old!! Money wasted and no extra policing. I'm just a moaning old git, but I do think some things were better a few years ago.oh! Well Cheerio for now .x x
Janet H
I am afraid I am the same, another moaning old git, join the club, I seem to be always saying, things aren't like they used to be,but to be honest they are not there are not enoigh Police any more and they still talk about cutting back.Goodness knows what is happening to the Health Service, so many people now out of work and you never know what is closing down next.I could go on but I wont as we will all get so depressed.So I will say instead, we are still a lot better off than people are in a lot of other countries when i look at the news on the TV.So I will go and enjoy my cup of coffee and biscuit and smile.......
Tom C inactive
Well spoken Janet, yes there too many unfortunates in this world, So we must be grateful I guess . Anyway I had a nice beer after my moan!! Cheers!!
Barbara S
Can't help thinking that if people got their news/information  from  the radio rather than the television it would  enable a far better grasp of the background to currentt affairs and  a better understanding  of the issues which cause the problems......
Jonny A
for some reason our tv news loves focussing on the negative news ,so then everybody Thinks things are really bad for us.

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