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Co-op and Labour Fete, 1930

Fantastic footage of the Alexandra Park Fete, what would our young people think if we went back to that?

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Re Alexandra park and what our young people might think, once every year it was what they called the poor childrens outing, that was in the days of the Handford cut, and other poor parts of Ipswich. any firm with a lorry would be loaded up with all the children and given a day out on the park, they would start at the Royal William and go thruogh the centre of the town singing and shouting, I can remember standing on the Corn Hill with my mother and watching them, one of thier songs went some thing like this,
How would you like to be a Bobby, Dressed in other peoples clothes, with a belly full of fat and a sausage on your hat, how would you like to be a bobby, I was about four at the time, I am 84 now but can still remember, that was in the days when a police man would not go down Handford cut on his own, two would start at each end, meet in the middle and make a hastey retreat out, they were the good old days.
Reg S
Good evening ref alex parke army had a show of their show of tanks during w11 the one thing. I remember one tank of the tanks fell over the near where. The bucks horns public has used to stand
Reg S
I am getting worst. Hahhahah

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