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First Buses

Reading the evening news online tonight i read the residents of spixworth  are to get a bus service at last. I am pleased that is going to happen. What i am concerned about is what first plan to do with the orange line. This is my bus service, and it has always been a bad service. I hope they don't make it any worse than it already is. I cannot walk far now and rely, like many people, on buses.  the orange line are often late, perhaps having long routes should be shortened, and add extra buses added for the other route. Let's hope their is not a 2nd petition.


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Terry HB
Carol S. Talking about buses, this morning (Wednesday) I went into the city catching a bus from Aylsham Road. There was a traffic queue at Fye Bridge due to a broken  down bus in the centre of the Road at Tomb Land, and traffic being controlled by Wardens. Blow me, coming home we sat a while on a bus, held up due to another bus that had broken down on Castle meadow, we eventually arrived at a traffic queue, as the bus at Tomb Land was still there, surrounded by maintenance vehicles.
I saw by the number plates that both buses were more than 10 years old, and when you consider the miles these buses cover, I would suggest that many are near the end of their lives, and need replacing with new (or newer) vehicles.

The city traffic was as usual chaotic, so with breakdowns and clogged roads, together with some vehicles parking anywhere, can we not wonder bus timetables  cannot be kept to?
Anthony S
First bus number 23a or b every Sunday is late. You'd think they could organise it so it ran on time. Once late okay but every sunday! Ant the monitor is useless, it's not at all direct, you don't know if the bus has come or is coming.
I'm with G-DAY
Patrick F
first run there buses 15/17 years and most are only 10 years
they all come from London as they do not have buses over 10 yeas old so send them to Norwich

the bus on tomb land is 2007 and was new when started using it in norwich
Margo S
After losing my bus pass and paying £2.40 to get from the city to Catton Grove I wondered how much do the council pay to First Buses for the journeys that we pensioners ( and other bus pass holders... ) do.
Anybody know?

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