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Ipswich so called Christmas tree

Okay so let's start Monday off wi8th a little controversy.  It's Monday after all.

I see in today's Star pictures of the 'Christmas Tree' in Ipswich.  I put quotations around it, because to me, it is about as near to one as a disco light.

What do you think?  41 aluminium spheres containing 40,000 led lights, roughly made into the shape of a tree.  Well, it's fat at the bottom and thin at the top; there the similarity ends.

I am not anti modern.  I love innovation.  But Christmas is surely a time for tradition.  I do not buy bright blue led's; they are hideous.  For the electricity that Christmas lights use (not those who adorn every square inch of their houses), I stick to multi colours and red berries and a GREEN tree.  Yes it's artificial, but at least it looks like a bloomin tree.

What do you all think?  Should we strive to keep Christmas vaguely traditional?  Heaven knows it's hard enough to get people to remember what we are actually celebrating.


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Steve - SP Boiler Services
You can tack onto the original topic if you like - Ipswich Town "Christmas Tree"?
Steve - SP Boiler Services
Sorry Nick W, my comment was not supposed to sound pompous :-(
Nick W
Pompous?  Not in the least lol... That's usually my preserve.  I only have local groups in mine so didn't see there was a post on this in Ips.  I will take a gander.  Ta
Zaax D
I thinks is good and shows imagination which has been lacking for sometime.
David G
I think it's OK, a lot nicer than the threadbare offering we had in Felixstowe last year that was sponsored by the Port of Felixstowe. They could have at least got a nice big plastic one from China.  ;-)
Mike F
Just had a glance at it from a distance as I delivered some stuff in Ipswich. Not a good look, but it's certainly striking. Not sure whether I like it or not. It looks better in real life than the photos.
Christine B
Haven't seen it yet, but have heard that it is very good.
Christine B
well me , daughter and grandaughter thinks its horrible we also dont like the lights above the street not very colourful
Steve - SP Boiler Services
Oh Christine B, you can't say that, you might upset the people who 'like' it '  ;-)
Christine B
well they havent upset me by liking it

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