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January Blues

Am after some money saving tips for the EADT/Ipswich Star websites. What are your best Super Scrimper hints?


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S F inactive
Use cheap 'Boots' shower caps to cover food instead of using nasty clingfilm.  Can be wiped clean and used over and over again.

Turn your iron off before you finish ironing, should be enough heat left and you save on electric.

Save a fortune on trips to the hairdressers, just don't go!  Let your hair grow lovely and long, get a good quality conditioner, and cut your hair yourself, its easy - see 'Youtube'.  Haven't been to the hairdressers now for 6 years and I'm always getting compliments!  (Men like long hair too!)

On the hair front, wash your hair once a week, or once a fortnight.  Washing your hair every day is bad for your hair, and don't believe what the adverts say!  The more you wash your hair, the greasier it gets.  Its a pain to start with but believe me, the oils in your hair will sort themselves out, again this will save you money on shampoo etc.
Mr Fruitgum
If times are really hard then you can take old clothes to a couple of places in Ipswich and they weigh them and give you money per 1kg.
Lesley F
When cooking potatoes, only boil for a few minutes then turn off the heat. They will continue to cook in the hot water in roughly the same time.
Natalie S
We just had a brainwave - photocopied the activity sheets that came in a child's Christmas art set so she can colour them time and again without having to spend more money.
Honesty may hurt
Happy New Year to all.
Natalie H. If you go to the Disney website, they have activities sheets/colouring for free to print.
S F inactive
Walk more!  Ask yourself - "Do I really need to use a vehicle to get to where I want to be?"  Think about it, travelling via a car/bike when you can easily walk instead, is a no brainer this time of year.  After all those goodies we've been eating at Christmas, what better way to start losing the pounds than by walking it off - probably the best and most effective exercise ever and its free!  And with any luck, you'll become healthier/happier/less poor for doing it!
Natalie S
I bought five squashed bananas in the supermarket that were reduced to 10p. Wouldn't want to eat them whole but mashed up on toast and blended into a smoothie they were fine.

Thanks for the tip RE Disney website Burns Road, will look that out.
Natalie S
Lesley F - we do that with pasta, especially when camping and we are limited on gas rings.
Cook your veg. in the microwave.  Much quicker, much cheaper and healthier.  No water needed.
Sheryl R
If you want a cheap haircut, go to Alan D in lower Brook Street.  They are brilliant and the cut is only £3!
Andy A inactive
Don't go to stores like Asda until one hour before they close. Stoke park drive hours are Monday to Wednesday close at 9pm    Thursday & Friday close 10pm
Saturday close at 9pm   Sunday close at 4pm. (check these times for accuracy especially during  bank holiday periods)  The beauty  of not being open 24/7 is that Asda sells off produce at extremely low prices before they close especially perishables such as Bread, cakes and certain fruits etc. Bread can be as low as 10p per loaf.  Freeze all perishable foods. Take from the freezer only what you need for the day. The one thing we must all do is to have a new mindset on shopping. Food wastage has been appalling over the last few years. We must now  face the facts. NO MORE WASTAGE and that applies to everything. If we see any bogof goods then think about who may need stuff. We really do need to become a caring society again. Austerity is here to stay for a very long time, so don't fool yourself into thinking that things may get better. THEY WONT.   We need to prepare for lean times. And maybe that isnt such a bad thing. Our grandparents survived very well on healthy rations during the second world war years.I still have my mothers Patsy cook book with war time recipes. Very useful. Anyone interested in healthy cheap recipes, I'm happy to print some out. Now for a cup of tea made by the same T.bag I used earlier. Its perfectly ok for a second cup. Cheers.
S F inactive
Well said Andy!  I was brought up to 'Waste not, want not' and I'm comfortably well of because of it!  I'm gobsmacked at what people throw in their bins today, they should be ashamed of themselves!  I expect they're the ones who are the first to complain about price rises as well.  I do fear for future generations as they seem completely clueless as to how to make a little go a long way.  Maybe they should introduce a new subject within the national curriculum for schools showing youngsters how they could and will have to survive on bugger all in the future!  Just like our grandparents did!
James M
I have a tip to save money for the EADT:

Don't buy the paper EADT, just read it online !  :)

I didn't say you'd LIKE my tip :)

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