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racism with old white man

why is the hate of white middle class too black man in this town a threat to all our community in education ,housing, criminal justice system, health lifestyle .


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James M
David, your posts are often unclear.  If you have experienced racism, you should report it to the police.  I'm not sure what you expect us to do.
Spotty Dog
There are many places in this town who will listen to your grievances (if you have them) but this is really not the place to expose that chip on your shoulder.
James M
We have to be a little careful, though, Spotty.

Sometimes there is a tendency to blame bad luck, etc on racism.  I'm not English myself, and I see it a lot with some of my fellow coutrymen - through bad luck or lack of skills they don't get on in life, and it's tempting to blame it on something obvious like "they just don't like my sort" but it has to be resisted.  When I moved here at first I felt a little bit strange around people and thought they were being mistrustful, after a while I realised it was mostly in my imagination, and I was projecting my own mistrust onto them.  What I've found since is that Suffolk folk, like most other people around the country, once you make friends with them are loyal and kind.

Saying all of that, there is a racism around, and we shouldn't close or eyes to it either.  In recent years I've seen it expressed a lot in the migration problems we have had as a result of uncontrolled migration.  I think everyone agrees a little migration is beneficial, with a suitable time for the migrants to find their feet, get on, and avoid the whole ghetto thing,  but mass migration causes a lot of problems.  We all have to try to no have knee-jerk reactions about it and stay calm.  I get dismayed when I see comments which are xenophobic about other races, because us Brits are not like that, and it's a shame that a bit of a recession seems to be turning some of is into slavering xenophobes.

David, perhaps it would help if you explained what you mean in more detail.  I don't mean just general statements about white middle class and racism, they don't really help and are only likely to antagonise people.   I mean explain how exactly you saw racism manifested in your everyday experience.  I'm sure we can all learn from it.
James M
And just like the previous times, it's a flyby accusation with no comeback.

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