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Lottery Million coming to Ramsey

Has everyone in the local area now heard about the million pounds being awarded to Ramsey and some of the surrounding villages?  I can't wait to see what it is going to be spent on.  Since becoming involved though I have discovered that lots of organisations are already working really hard to try and improve things, I just didn't know they existed.


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Mark L
There are a lot of unsung heroes about, doing things for nothing because they believe in and love their area.
Certainly hope the money is spent with a view to enhancing the town and providing a platform for growing the towns economy and vibrancy... a lick of paint here and there would not be a good investment but something(s)extraordinary would. Needs some careful consultation with the community young and old before spending and some risk taking to be different from the norm.
Pauline W
Don't forget to check out the Ramsey Million Facebook page to keep upto date of what's going on and what is coming up.
go to
Give it a go and then LIKE it, to keep upto date.

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