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rock n roll dancers

Any 50's/60's jivers out there?


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Kerri T
Yes there are several who I know, can you divulge any details?
Rodger W
Hi mate, i'm pensioner who hgv's part time, 900 byker and fit 4 rock n' roll. 1950's. And early 60's.. Lived pakefield 30 yr plus, and Essex boy. Single, and content! But would like to meet up with other rockers @ dancing gigs only. RODGER
Kerri T
Hi Roger, keep looking in the Lowestoft Journal for details of the Rock n roll club that's holds its club nights at Lowestoft Town Footballl Club. I think it's about once every couple of months and they have live bands play. Hope that's useful to ya.
Rodger W
Ocean rooms thisat & its 4 charity! Jets, ratpack( sos) professor fireball..cheers K
June P
              HI ALL
                     i have lot of skirts that  when i dabced jive and ball room i want to sell cheaply   is anyone looking for something like that  and long skirts

 please email me

                        hope you enjoyy your dance   please putdance on top as if i dont know who it is i bin it
Gloria S
Hi all

I know just where you can buy a very good and cheap piano accordian to play the rock and roll music on, pop into The Lowestoft Music Shop in Grove Road.  Good luck !
Gloria S
My late husband and I were terrific 60's jivers, but alas with no partner or transport, I fear my dancing days are over....sigh !
Rodger W
An't necessarily so.... If yr fit and still listen to rock n roll you can still dance! Theres ceroc for singles like me, jive bunnies and this weekend's pontins teddy boys and teddy girls. Im going alone for £30 sat/s
un but not staying.

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