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Mobility Scooter

Looking for a 4 wheel mobility scooter in good condition at a reasonable price


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Hi Jean, I have a friend of a friend who may have one, not sure what price they go for though?
Ann R
My mum has one used 3 times as new £ 500 contact
June G
Hi I have one used once Cost 1300 I am selling for 500 if interested please email arrange to view and try out
Graeme C
I have one for sale for £350, a Colt Swift. The batteries are in excellant condition which is an important point when buying a scooter as they are expensive to replace. I have attached a photograph. Please contact me for further details.
Roy M
There is one advertised in the 60+club Clapham Rd. With new batteries, £450, ono ---01502 589322.

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