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Workhouses in Ipswich

Wow, really impressed with this story of the workhouse's in Ipswich. Find the link on this page:


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Reg S
i actually worked at the spike or  the workhouse there were cows  on the field but near the nurses home there was a brick wall with a grill in it where the inmates sat broke up rubble top be used for  rubble also the tramps use a old building for a doss house  and by  god the smell it was methylated spirits,  the gate house is still there the old boiler house itinerants had to shovel to the boiler house for bed and breakfast there still a few bits of the old set up are  still there
Historic Ipswich (UK)
Thanks Reg S, just the sort of thing we are all interested in. It's hard to visualise a field of cows so close to the town centre!
Historic Ipswich (UK)
When and how long did you work there for?
Reg S
i came under the I B C C  i am afraid dates are not the best of my subjects but at 80 years young some thing stick, my good wife reckon 60 to 63 but i remember the wage  was just over £4 18 s and E T U had just secured a mind boggling increase up to £7 00  a week   but my luck was no good as the council said no you do not come under  E T U but N I J C so i had to leave though really love working at HEATH  RD
Some of the  names The chief was Mr Walton  no 2 Mr Scot? then Freddy North  Rolly  Long  Last but least me Reg s  the only Electrician    there was a wicket winter while i was there even the Ball cocks froze  ANY one remember Sister Peck Children's ward Sister Harper  Theatre  young E Trafford i
 I also worked on the Mat block for Turners of St Helens PS talking of cows there was dairy farm at the end Gypswke rd  Brooks sand pit Jefferies pit just round the corner up Ancaster Rd into Kesteven Rd
will come  back if you so require R S

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