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Police in Budleigh

Any idea what the problem was today? 3police cars flashing blue lights into Budleigh S about midday.


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Tea going cold?
Yes, thats a good one viv, that could be more like it lol!!
Bill T inactive
i think they use the "blues and 2,s"  far to readily for any reason, i,ve seen a police car at 3am with nothing on the road except me being a taxi driver :), he was driving like a loony with everything blaring out and all he ended up doing was going into the police station?? so what the hell was that all about ?
Yes, I know it is ridiculous, but, i think it goes on alot more than we know either rushing back for their lunch or tea break!!
Thomas M
kettle just boiled, i have seen a police car going through budleigh s, with it's blue's and two's going ,the male woman p,c's got out laughing there head's off,it was a big joke for them.tom
Yes, I can well believe it, if only All the public knew what was going on. The Fire Engine is another one, they are often seen in town & mooching along the seafront, just wasting petrol when everyone else is told to cut back. I suppose they would tell you that by being around town they would perhaps be nearer to get to any emergencies, you just cannot win. I think they should be back @ the Station where they belong but, i suppose they find that boring & want to see what is going on hence, their little outings @ Our expense!!
In town meaning Exmouth not Budleigh, tho, they may go there as well, i dont know.

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