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Aid and Assist Project
We have a New shop on London Road South between Co-op and Lolas kitchen for a little while.

Pop in our High Street shop tomorrow its all changed round a lot tidier and better we think.
Let us know what you think.
Loads of bargains.


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Mike B
I like the way Aid and Assist have found Street Life as a way of communicating to the general public with the aid of your own web site . I know abit more of what your involved in which cant be any more local , but I didnt know beforehand . Good luck to you all at Aid and Assist x 2 branches at least , in Lowestoft .
Lezlea P
Thanks Mike.
It's nice to be appreciated.
And a big thank you to Lawrence for sorting out and making our page.
The south shop is shut next week because of holidays but will reopen on Monday 22nd
Lawrence S inactive
thanks for that lez im still trying to get my head round this site but im getting there regards lawrence.
Eilis W
do aid and assist work for everyone or  certain groups in the area like the elderly? 
Lawrence S inactive
hi ellis we aid and assist work for anybody not just the elderly and disabled if you need a free estimate please give us a call on lowestoft 586925.  regards lawrence. visit our website for more information and also find us on facebook and twitter celerbrating 30 years this year.
Eilis W
that's great thanks Lawrence I'll call next week :)
Lawrence S inactive
ok ellis glad we can help.

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