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The next meeting of the Broadsiders (coffee and chat group) is Tuesday 5th Feb 1.30pm at the Wherry Hotel we usually congregate just inside the front door on the left, it would be good to see some new faces as well as the old! We usually meet every fortnight and we hope to add other activities once we have become established.


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Linda W
Hi,  irt would be nice to join in but do you always mneet on a tuesday?
Vicky E
do you ever meet in pakefield/town by chance? or is it always usually oulton broad?
June P
sorry dont know where the answer went as it went from the screen soor 

   we are only new so its best to keep it in one place for now  soryy
June P
         Vicky  W  sorry i dont know where pakefield town is   do you    just mean

pakefeild     as we are new its better to keep it in one site  in the carlton bar

    as there is not alot of se to pay for a room just now   hope this helps
Vicky E
yes i meant  pakefield or town centre :) okay many thanks
Joany R
Hi Vicky, I am moving to Pakefield, maybe we could have a 'ladies who lunch' centred on our area. Is there anyone out there reading this who is in the Oulton or Pakefield areas interested in joining us?
Linda W

Depending on the day, i would be interested in joining in, willn keep watching the streetlife site
Margaret S
Hi i live in Pakefield and would be intererestedin joining you.
Vicky E
looking forward to joining you all soon!
Sandy H
hello i live in carlton colville,would love to join
June P
      the next meeting is   TUE week  at 1 30 in calton bar  wherry hotel    we sit i

in the corner where the armchairs are they go round in a ring  i  beleive its

19 th feb    its Tue   1 30b   carlton bar    will be nice to see  you
lizzie s
hi joany my friend and i would be interested in the pakefield area. will look out for your input

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