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Better Archway Forum Newsletter

The latest Better Archway Forum newsletter is just out. Long overdue, it is bigger, better,  and with pictures.
PDF below.


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North 52
Really interesting newsletter - thanks for putting it on Streetlife..
Jill B
Fantastic newsletter, Dorothy.  Somehow we didn't update you on the change of date of the meeting in Highgate on the media and distortion (or disinformation) on climate change.  It is on Tuesday 5th February, not Monday 4th.  Two really well-qualified speakers - please come everybody.
We'll post a reminder nearer the time.
Kirsten D
What a great newsletter.
I've learnt more about Archway in the last five minutes than in the past five years.
Dorothy B
So good to hear that, Kirsten.  It's exactly what I was aiming for.
Please be aware that the climate change discussion in Highgate is now on February 5. It should be really interesting.
Mark P
Very useful newsletter. Thanks!

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