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Suffolk drops down secondary schools GCSE league table

Did you hear Councillor Graham Newman's response to criticism of Suffolk's poor position in the GCSE league table, on BBC Look East this evening?

I thought he showed a lack of determination to correct the situation, confirmed the county's low expectations and is in denial that he and his department should be doing more.

But, what do you think?


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Nick Pye
The county has fallen from 123rd place last year and is now 142nd out of 151 local authorities.
Graham A
It is concerning, not least as the SOR is now being gradually implimented and this will naturally impact upon the education of those children directly affected by a closing / merging school.  Personally I have nothing but praise for the education that my children have received until now at both St James and Sebert Wood, and have no qualms about the current upper schools in Bury. 

I would like to think that the authorities would wish to drive standards up and whilst I would not expect to see Suffolk in the top 10 next year, I would like to believe that a tangible objective has been set for improvement.
Steve T
In an area such as ours, someone's butt requires a good kick for this lowly standard.....I suggest the first step is to keep schools open for teaching as much as possible and not be wasting learning opportunities every time the sky darkens.....
Catherine B
I presume you are aware that Suffolk has more children in care than Norfolk. The question needs to be asked . Why is parenting so bad in this county? When that is sorted and children come from stable, warm well nurtured home  then the failings of the schools can be questioned. Children are the responsibility of their parents unfortunately a lot of people seem to forget that.
Steve T
Parenting is so bad because the culture of 'someone else's responsibility/to blame' is so pervasive.
When individuals have to face real sanctions for their actions or inactions we may see progress.... Leaders need to lead, constituents need to hold them to account and the culture needs to change.....
As for Suffolk having more kids in care than Norfolk, what has that to do with the standards of schools? Social services in different areas have different standards/performance levels. The education of these kids needs to be of a high enough standard to overcome that experience and any disadvantage handed to them by life.

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