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Nuisance calls to mobiles

Is any one else getting repeated calls from 80006408***? As we are deaf we usually only get texted, so obviuosly this is someon who doesn't know us.  Just wonder if there is anyway of stopping them ringing up to four timess a day.


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It will be someone trying to sell you PPI. You can block the number on your mobile, but after a while they will start calling from a different number. A bit of a pain.
Rae G
Re cold calling calls, won't bore you with how this works but based on random calling by computers not humans. Ring BT and ask to speak to TPS -telephone preference service, or look on-line to ban all these calls. It's junk mail for telephones, calls normally 11am, 15pm and upto 20.00pm daily. For mobile text messages - NEVER reply, is 'phishing for 'phones', and may open up a can of worms where the enquiries are from Africa/India companies who have been sold your information aswell as 1,000's of other peoples' data.
Patricia C
Hi Rae G
thanks for explaining what these are all about.  As we are deaf we found wonder if we've missed something important! 
I do wonder about changing all mobile numbers etc when we move,  but then may loose contact with friends.

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