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Michael T in Broke Hall
Sir, whilst gritters are out on the roads doing a great job it would seem?, are they not being too frugal with the grit?. I have been passed by 5 gritters over the past two days but, they appear to be very liberal with the level of grit being dispensed?. Usually when driving my car, a gritter passes by and almost takes the paint off the car however, this is now not the case. The gritting lorry trundles by delivering only a small spray of grit. Is it because of the size of the grit?, does it contain enough salt? or is this an attempt at cutting costs ? whilst giving an impression to the general public that every effort is being made to make our roads safe?, either way it is not sufficient  to do the job. I live in Bellevue Rd Ipswich  which runs between Woodbridge Rd and Spring Rd, for some unknown reason  both ends of the road are never gritted sufficiently to prevent accidents. I appreciate that not all roads can be gritted however, when there is a high probability of accidents I would have thought this to be a priority of sorts?. Michael.

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