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Brixington Empty Shop.

I noticed the other day when i was passing the old butchers shop that there could be a betting shop opening soon, do we need this in the area???


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NO, we certainly dont need a Betting Shop there i think that wld spoil the area & am certainly not a snob but, it could attract the wrong type of person. Can we not do better than that & upgrade to a bit higher standard to Brixington like the other nice Shopkeepers there. I find David & Dan Calland in Budgens so kind/caring to their Customers, nothing is too much trouble for them, wish every Shopkeeper had the same idea even their parents Roy & Christine who have Londis store or Spar (cant remember name) are just the same kind/caring lovely couple, but, NO Betting Shop here, if u have to go elsewhere. What do Others on here think, would like to know.
I meant to have added Roy & Christine's shop is in Withycombe!
Lesley W
Really enjoyed CATS at the pavillion, so proud of the great youngsters at Centre Stage, if you ever get the chance to go and watch them go, you can be assured of a fantastic time!
Jean H
Well Doonababe, I do quite understand what you are saying, and I am not a betting person myself -   But, there are people (like my husband who is in his 70's) who get bored and yet not well enough to do a voluntary job etc.etc. and who would  like to put a 'few bob' on occassionally, just for the fun of it but  could not be bothered to go into town to put a bet on.
I understand your concern but from our personal point of view my husband is looking forward to it. 
To be honest, I do have mixed feelings about it.  We never buy lottery tickets etc.  like so many people who spend hundreds of pounds per year on them.  They would be better off buying Premium Bonds.  That way, they don't lose their money yet they stand a chance of winning money.
I honestly don't know what sort of worth while shop should go there.  It is all a 'gamble' (excuse the pun!)
No disrespect to your husband Jean as yes, i can see it wld be ideal for him as wld be nearer than town it was just my own personal view on the matter, as dont know what else can go there!
Ann C
i dont think a betting shop is a good idea,we need something different there a nice butchers or wet fish shop maybe or a fruit and veg shop which is affordable for people like lakes use to be in exeter road a shop where you could go in and buy a couple of carrots or whatever you wanted and not all this prepacked stuff whch isnt very good for people living on their own or elderly couples or single parents who dont want to  buy much
Jean H
Hello Ann, I agree it would be much nicer to have a butchers shop  there.  There was one only a few years ago then it stayed empty for a very long time and then it became a toy shop, that didn't last long.  I remember there being a fruit and veg shop along there too not that many years ago but it didn'tl last!!  Small businesses are reluctant to take a chance and who can blame them?  Selling just a few carrots here and potatoes there  would not be sufficient to make it pay.  Fish is very expensive too these days and a small fishmonger business could not survive up against Tesco's and the like. 
I think that in the not too distant future, there will only be supermarkets and they will sell literally EVERYTHING and they will have the monopoly. 
p.s. you can still buy just a few carrots or potatoes only in Budgeons or Tesco's.
Yes, we had Bob the Butchers shop. Nice meat a little bit dearer but, as usual was put out of business by the big giant Tesco, they really have alot to answer putting alot of our local small shopkeepers out of business just trying to make a decent living for themselves. Yes, i can remember the fruit/veg shop lovely fresh vegetables! Years ago there was even a wool shop there. I really cant think of a viable business that could fill the place of this empty shop, any suggestion folks!!
Ann P
How's about an Advice Centre with solicitors dealing with every possible thing, pro bono where possible.   That would be a Godsend to everyone and it would bring townsfolk to shop while they wait.  It would benefit campaigners, too, because we often need legal advice about what we're trying to do.
Reacher inactive
I dont think I have ever been in a betting shop and would'nt know what to do if I did.....but anything is at least better than an empty decaying shop??? At least its different to an estate agents or charity shop.....whatever opens may mean that people going will use the other shops.
If it is a betting shop, whichever company it is will, I am sure, in this recession have done suitable market research and found that it is possibly viable to open a betting shop in the area...therefore Doonebabe!! serving the people of the area........I do not see anybody from other areas of town travelling to it,,,,,which means that the 'wrong type of person' it would attract,  probably already live in the Brixington area.....what are you trying to say about the residents of Brixington......Not a snob....Indeed!!....just my own personal view on the matter
Ann C
i can remember the butchers shop and what i meant by the vegtable shopwas  people would buy larger amounts in they needed it but i was thinking of the p[eople on their own or the little old lady who just wanted a couple of carrotsor a coupe of apples etc
David W
How about a local friendly cycle repair shop?.. i have thought about it for some time now...
You have certainly misunderstood what i meant regarding Betting Shop, perhaps, i worded it wrong, obviously by your remarks i have. It is certainly nothing personal to the Brixington Residents, why should it be, as i am one myself!! The point i was trying to make is that it could attract the young yobs from other areas into Brixington which would not be welcome by the Residents. We have enough trouble with them as it is letting off Fireworks (way before 5th November) in Withycombe, frightening All our beloved pets & the Elderly people that live alone! Hence, letters recently been in the Journal, we are All fed up with it & would not want to encourage this behaviour to Brixington. I will say again I am NOT a snob & never have been as you imply just stating a view like everyone else on here does. Another thing is we are in a bad recession so would be surprised that it would be a viable business in Our area as their are alot of elderly people here who are already struggling to make ends meet let alone afford to have a 'flutter' on the horses, but, perhaps i am wrong. Just my own personal view......... Reacher.
Jean H
Hello Doonebabe, I thought the comments from Reacher were harsh on you.  You are NOT a snob, just because you prefer not to have a betting shop on our doorstep.  I fully understood what you said and you were only voicing your personal view,  which this site is all about. 
Take care.

Thanks Jean, yes, i agree with you that is what this site is all about, but, i suppose not everyone is going to agree with your comments at times as it has been proved!!

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