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Asda whalebone lane

hears that the old B&Q is going to be turned into an asda


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mad artful dodger greg s
dee dee its on its way  the started the works a few week ago also do you know that b and m is now open over the road in the estate
Steve W
if you look a  little  closer  you will clearly see  on the boarding thats its going  to be  a new N&C store
Barbara N
Never heard of that company Steve will google it
Barbara N
Appears to be a firm which supplies building materials
mad artful dodger greg s
may i point out that n&c is in freshwater road not the b&q site unless they are selling the one in freshwater road and building a new store in whalebone lane the board you are refering to was an ad board for n&c
mad artful dodger greg s
can the dagenham post confirm that the b&q site is going to be an asda as some people seem to think that it is going to be a n&c shop
Dee dee
N&C are advertising on it but its gone now I think, someone I know lives in dagenham and got a letter saying whats being built there
Gareth J
It is going to be an Asda store and also a B&M store
Is the Asda opening end of the year? And what's a B&M store?
B&M is basically like a Family Bargains shop
Barbara N
B & M Store already open on old Comet Site behind Macdonalds
Linda F
heard from a neighbour who has been that the b&m is very good, well worth a look.
Lisa W
The B & M store is excellent
I've been there many times & the service is lovely.
Michelle B
B&M store is very good, some bargains to be had. I live across the road in the houses behind the flats and I can assure you it is going to be an ASDA store and I cant wait. They are promising 230 or so new jobs, which is good for the area.
Work has started already, so hopefully it will finish soon.

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