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More flippin fireworks!

There were loads around last night. There will be more displays tonight and Monday, and what's the betting there'll be some on Sunday night too? I'm glad I don't have a pet - I feel sorry for them. Don't get me wrong I like fireworks - about twice a year that's all!!
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR


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Ann C
sounds like a war zone where i live at the moment rockets and bangs going off allover the place.
Terry C
Have to admit that down by the town centre it has been really quiet and as l walk my dogs on the beach at night l must say l have had no issues at all with my dogs being frightened as l have not heard any fireworks at all.
Georgina A
Not only pets that are scared but young children like my 2yr old son too. Should only be aloud at organised events.
Nick M
Someone's still letting them by us tonight at gone midnight!
Liz F
We saw more going off over in the Douglas Avenue area last night - not late but unexpected AFTER 5th November!
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Nick M
Quarter past two in the morning and they're STILL going off in Phear Avenue!  Don't these selfish morons ever sleep?
Theresa D
Been hearing them at 3am every night this week, im just glad my dog isnt as scared as most dogs are, my 14 yr old sister was up from 2am til 4am the other night trying to calm her dog down,
Nick M
Would you believe it?  More b****y fireworks again tonight :-(  Talk about having money to burn!

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