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Advertising by the A3052

By Waitrose, a board on the corner stating something about a  School not 100% it was leaning forward, looking as it it was going to fall over..  Opposite Greendale, in the lay by, a huge mobile trailer advertising beds today.  I thought lay bys were public grounds.


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Jan J
I saw the notice its about St Johns School.its advertising the terms at the School.Don't think its legal to put it there.
Tell It As It Is inactive
Fords use to park a 'towed' advert in the layby on the 3052 at Bowd ............ haven't seen it for a while though. I don't think it is legal but neither, I think, were the conservative party hustings boards that were erected in fields at Newton Pop during the last election ........... they got away with it though. A Lay By is usually part of the highway ........... the public road system.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Bit cheeky!  Imagine if you put events on at Stowford it would soon come down.
It also takes your eyes off the turning.
Anne V inactive
Landowners place those political placards in their frields themselves, to show their support and bring in more votes; it is a totally different matter.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

The bed one was on the A3052 lay by ( public land - highways) and not sure who owns the land on the corner of Waitrose - opposite it.  The land is between the two bus stops going to Exeter.
Anne V inactive
Yes, Seagull, I was referring only to the political campaign signs in fields.

I may be too conspiracy-minded, but I can't help thinking those beds and school advertisements must have received permission, even if that were kept very quiet, hoping no-one would twig -but hey, you did, agent Seagull! ;)
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
We will be getting the election posters soon, May elections.

I wonder if there will be any opposition?
Are S.O.S. putting up anybody?

Or will it be the same people all over again?

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