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Ipswich Town "Christmas Tree"?

Has anyone else seen this excuse for a Christmas Tree in Ipswich yet? What on earth was the joker(s) at IBC thinking when they thought that this would be good for Ipswich? Bring people into Ipswich, I think not, turn people away to go somewhere with a real tree (like Woodbridge), I think so. What was wrong with a 'real' tree that we have had in the past? I was going to take my two young children down to see it, but I don't think that they or other young children will understand when they see this 'thing' and I am sure would be really disappointed. Come on IBC what were you thinking?

Disclaimer: Other views/opinions are available.


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Kathie J
Disneyland Tree - I love it!
Hayley J
Hi steve, yes quite agree with you.I've just seen the tree on the front of the Ipswich Star,and how awful is it. What happened to the traditional christmas tree there's no need to change it. But then don't you think its all started to early as usual, takes out all the meaning of christmas for me. Bah Humbug
Steve - SP Boiler Services
I'm no spoil sport, but Christmas does seem to start earlier each year - it's now too commercial. We don't get 'trimmed up' until a week or so before Christmas. While I disagree with Kathie J, it's not a nice looking 'tree', this is Ipswich not Disneyland, maybe it's better suited in the USA where most of the silly traditions come from - Bah Humbug ;-)
Nick W
I see in today's Star pictures of the 'Christmas Tree' in Ipswich. I put quotations around it, because to me, it is about as near to one as a disco light.

What do you think? 41 aluminium spheres containing 40,000 led lights, roughly made into the shape of a tree. Well, it's fat at the bottom and thin at the top; there the similarity ends.

I am not anti modern. I love innovation. But Christmas is surely a time for tradition. I do not buy bright blue led's; they are hideous. For the electricity that Christmas lights use (not those who adorn every square inch of their houses), I stick to multi colours and red berries and a GREEN tree. Yes it's artificial, but at least it looks like a bloomin tree.

What do you all think? Should we strive to keep Christmas vaguely traditional? Heaven knows it's hard enough to get people to remember what we are actually celebrating.
S F inactive
I agree totally with Steve etc., I went into town on Sunday not realising that the lights were going to be switched on and in all honesty, I put my head down and made a quick getaway once I realised what was happening, but I was aware of some silver monstrosity in my peripheral vision as I walked, it was only when I saw the picture on the front page that I realised it was Ipswich's Christmas tree!  How bloody ugly, but then that would be in keeping with the rest of Ipswich wouldn't it?  I'm surprised they didn't put a few roadworks around it just for authenticity!  Felixstowe, Norwich, Woodbridge, they're all nicer than Ipswich, so I guess the less time spent in this excuse of a hole, the better!  One day I'll move from this shithole!
Martin O
What an eyesore. As with everything nowadays all that sparkles is not gold. Some bright spark has gone for an 'image' - this metal birdcage all lite up against the backdrop of the Cornhill. Doesn't it look pretty at night? Some might think so I am not one of them. It looks like an empty metal birdcage at night and like the ideals of its originator contains no substance at all.
What is wrong with a tree? At least we have something to look at during the daylight hours when most people shop or travel backwards and forwards to work.
I am all for modern art in the right place for the right reasons - this ain't either.
Kathie J
Just me that likes it then? ;o)
Sarah C
I really like it too Kathy.  It's different, modern, not the usual boring old traditional ones. Looks like we're in the minority --but so what :-)))
Tres B
No Kathie J it's not just you. I think it's beautiful and a lovely piece of modern design. inactive
I don't mind the modern design this year.  I always thought the usual 'real' tree looked rather sad because it was always under decorated, with just a single string of lights and a few scraps of tinsle.  What is of more concern and is really sad is the Star's headline:" Ipswich Excitement as the Town Welcomes the Coca Cola Truck".  Are the lives of the people of Ipswich so devoid of meaning that they find the arrival of a truck featured in a tv advert for an over priced can of american sugary fizz exciting?  Ye gods!
Kathie J
I dislike it when people say it is not Christmas until I see the Cola advert! Grrrr, it is not Christmas until there are carol singers, Christmas songs everywhere, we start eating mince pies, Rudolph comes round, the tree and decorations go up! That's when Christmas starts!
Alexandra B
I like the new decoration. Mainly because the last few years the Ipswich Christmas tree looked like someone had used a net gun to put the lights on. It was really awful! It's different and eye catching a looks really good at night.
Tony W
It's being named 'the Marmite tree' - You either love it or hate it. I for one love it.

The tree and the lights have brought a refreshing new look to the town.

I think it's achieved the main aim - It has got people far and wide talking about Ipswich.
Elizabeth A
I love the tree's, nit I love anything contemporary, it is mostly men that don't like it, get into the 21st century!!, but as much as I like it I do agree it is not Christmas and it one time of the year I am traditional, I love a real tree especially th smell but not the pines on the floor! !
Jackie C
Personally I think it's beautiful, although I love the traditional ones too. Christmas is a hotch potch of traditions that have evolved over the centuries so who's to say what's wrong and what's right ? Probably when Prince Albert brought the first Christmas tree over from Germany in the 19th century many people thought it was a ridiculous idea.I expect there will be some carols sung on the Town Hall steps.I do hope so.
Sadly, I have to confess that I always feel Christmas is here when I hear Slade for the first time.
Paul W
I like it.  A modern twist on a traditional theme. Makes a change from a sad looking tree with a few lights thrown on.

From what I'm hearing and reading it's a bit too modern and up to date for "poor old stuck in the 80's" Ipswich!

I always feel  Christmas has arrived when Rudolph comes past my house!
Mark H inactive
im in two minds about the  modern tree, i believe in tradition by having a proper tree  but  we have to move with the times  and go modern, but i might need convincing on this one
Alexandra B
How I miss the Rudolph float. My street is just too small for him to get down, so I haven't seen him in 4 years or so.
Mark H inactive
dont worry alexandra b, with all the cut backs going on they might have to get a smaller float ,so you might see rudolph after all.
Kathie J
I love the Rudolph float! Miss it so much, loved getting my children up for it!
I suppose the reason behind it will be that it's re-usable and will save money in the long run...I quite like it, but not as much as a traditional tree...
Steve - SP Boiler Services
I see it made the red top Mirror news paper today and it got slagged off there as well.
i like the tree, Makes the town look a bit more classier
Elizabeth A
I can see that, but I still like a real tree, I seeother city's abroad have the same, who copied who?!!!

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