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I have hobbies to share.

I have 3 hobbies that I've had for years playing music playing on keyboard, radio broadcasting around the world, or looking at stars and planets with a high powered telescope, if anyone would like to learn about any of these pass-times then I'd be pleased to teach you to do any of them.


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David C
By radio broadcasting, do you mean over the internet, or radio ham? I used to have an internet radio station broadcasting unsigned bands. It was really enjoyable. However I did have difficulty getting hold of new music, I found that the bands were all excited about you playing there tunes, but getting them to send you something to play was hard work.
 It is possible to run an internet radio station for next to nothing or even free and can be quite rewarding. (Not moneywise though)
David W inactive
Hello David thanks for MSG well I xdid operate a pirate radio music station but I operate ham radio now, but the Internet radio idea sounds good would like to hear how to set that up.
Debs S
love the idea of looking at the planets !;-)
June P
yes it sonds good   i woul;d like to know more i like to learn anything               
pleasze   tell    me more   thank you      june
Sheila C
Very interesting viewing the planets
I'm with Fitness over 40
David W inactive
Last night from 9 till 11.20 the sky was perfect, full of stars even the blue one' o yes there are blue out there, they sparkle like blue diamonds, also Jupiter looked so clear, the moons (3) of them were very clear around the planet too, all together a perfect night viewing.
Hi David, thank you for sharing this with us. I would be interested in knowing about the stars and looking at stars and planets, and also radio broadcasting around the world.
David W inactive
Hello sue ok no problem why don't you call or text me on 07746631877 David
David C
Hi David.
Setting up an online radio station is really quite quite simple First off you obviously need a website, to do this for free you can set one up at, with these though you do need a domain name, which unfortunately you have to pay for. there used to be free ones about, but the one I used s not about anymore. Domains only cost a few pounds per year, so it is no real large expense.
 The next thing you need is a server, you can use free servers at their servers work quite well, but unfortunately there is sometimes a little downtime if they are busy.
 The next thing you need is something to broadcast from your computer. I am using a mac, but if you are using a pc you can use winamp from you also have to download the dsp plugin I think this one does the job at
Basically I think that is all you need, setting it up, if you really want to know, give me a shout and I can give you a hand, it can be a little technical and I tend to forget. There is some really good pro dj set ups that you can use, but these tend to cost money unless you know how to get one  through a torrent. Sam Broadcaster is really good and does everything that you need. If you are using a mac, as I am nicecast is really simple.
David C
With setting up a website, if you do not know anything about website building, with the site I listed above, you can install wordpress straight from the control panel. this si simple to use and is a great base for a radio station.
Sasha H
Hi David, This sounds a wonderful idea!  I home-educate my 10 year old daughter and we would love to do all three of these as we are always on the lookout for people to pass on their skills as it can be such a waste that someone has spent all that time learning a new skill etc and not to 'pass it down the line' so to speak!

Please let me know how much cost wise and also when / where?  My daughter has just been bought a National Geographic telescope, not yet unpacked, so the timing is great.

Thanks Sasha & Hope
David W inactive
Hello Sasha & Hope I was pleased to read your message I will be delighted to help you any way you feel you need help with the hobby, your most welcome to call me on 07746631877.
David W inactive
Hello again I am still out at the moment will be home by 4 maybe you would like to call me on 01502 572402 I would very much like to show you my telescope and your daughter will love the hobby I know, my own did.

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