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Excellent news about the new Swan Pharmacy

I'm delighted to have a bit of good news to report for a change - the new pharmacy at the Swan Surgery in Northgate Street is up and running.

This is excellent news for the patients of the surgery as they can now get their prescriptions filled without having to trek into town. Also it's open until at least 10pm every night and there's plenty of parking. Much safer to be able to park right outside at night than to have to walk the streets.

Great to see that common sense has finally prevailed although one has to say : What took so long?


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David N
Iit took so long because borough councillor Patricia Warby and county councillor Trevor Beckwith called in the original application for determination by the planning committee. The committee refused the application so the applicant appealed to the planning inspectorate in Bristol. Once it goes there, it takes ages to re-emerge as a decision.

Personally, I couldn't see an valid planning reason to refuse the application, but it's not in my ward, so I didn't have speaking rights.
Interesting, David. I know there was a lot of orchestrated opposition some of it anonymous and some if it by, shall we say, people whose businesses might be adversely effected.

There was a planning notice sent round fairly recently saying it had gone to appeal, so actually I was surprised how quickly that was resolved!

I also heard that even though the planning department recommended approval, the committee went against them which would leave pretty strong grounds for an appeal! I agree with you that there were no grounds for rejection purely on planning regs.

Still, we got the right result in the end.
Gill Malik
We had a long news letter (Rant) about this and an invitation to a meeting to voice our veiws against it from Patrica Warby.  It spoke about drugs addicts turning up in the middle of the night, and made out that local residents would not be safe.

I am glad common sense prevailed.
Blimey, Gill. I never thought there would a day when I would agree with you. But I do.

There was a lot of scaremongering about 'druggies' despite the fact that the PCT stated in writing that they were not prepared to commission needle exchange facilities from the Swan because (a) there are sufficient facilities already in the area, and (b) it cost money to commission another one.

It came down to scaremongering tactics by commercially interested parties doing a lot of lobbying. Unfortunately for them, sending round an anonymous letter got a lot of people's backs up and backfired on them.

I went to that meeting and had a go at dear Patsy who was somewhat unimpressed with my outspoken opinion of her. But then, don't you expect that if you're a politician. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!
Oh, and that subject have you noticed that Frank Warby is up for the Town Council? Clearly got time on his hands now he's lost his County seat to Trevor Beckwith.

I sat down a little while back and worked out how much money the two of them got 'paid' for their respective council duties. It was quite a lot.

I have a lot of respect for local independent politicians even though I reserve the right to take them to task, but I'm afraid I can't say the same of the big parties. At the end of the day, they just do what their bosses tell them and I don't think that's right.
David N
My understanding is that the appeal is still pending. I haven't seen Mrs Warby's newsletter but would appreciate it if one was to appear in my post box in the lane. I live about 300 metres from the Swan Surgery but don't feel unsafe by the prospect of the extended hours proposed.
Gill Malik
Hi David
Sorry I did not keep it.

There was something about Swan being forced to stay open all night for the drug addicts.

And yes Grumpy, we agree on something.  There's a suprise lol

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