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Motoring Tips Sidmouth Herald

Anybody like to see anything in particular in my motoring tip articles which are kindly published most weeks in the motoring section ? This weeks was entiltled Headphone Zombies :)


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Pining Lass
I hadn't noticed your articles, bad me :-)

I would like you to highlight two things which drive me crackers
1) people not using indicators because they either think that their road positioning shows what they intend to do or because there aren't any vehicles around and OBVIOUSLY pedestrians don't need to know which way you are going
2) People driving along in the middle lane of the motorway when they could move in and thus causing traffic jams as all the people wanting to pass them have to fit in one lane, or even worse those people who drive along in the outside line because they are 'going fast' when both lanes inside them are empty.

Both these things show basic misunderstandings that I wish someone would address.
Ok will do, i have a few articles pending especially a good one on footwear worn whilst driving maybe in tomorrows ? :)
Submitted article as requested PL on indicators but one of my others on vehicle lights was published this week.
Pining Lass
Hi Phil, yes I read it. I look for your articles now.
Gingersnaps inactive
How about one on the appalling driving standards in Sidmouth.
Or, abusing the blue badge.
Or, bring back Traffic Wardens and ditch the Parking Enforcement Officers.
Or, What idiot put a zebra crossing on the sea front? (not go mention the one by the petrol station!)
Or, why does Stuart Hughes have 3 vehicles parked in a road he doesn't live in?
Or, why are vehicles allowed to park on the roundabout markings and double lines by Tescos?
Etc etc.
How about an article on road positioning e.g:
(a) not taking a bend on 'my side' of the road
(b) not swinging out to the right before making a left turn (grrr) and I'm not meaning lorries here but car drivers
(c) when making right turn off main road line up as far over towards middle of road as possible to allow traffic behind you to progress - rather than stop at a slant across roadway
(d) forward observation to get in position plenty of time easier squeeze pass by parked cars if lined up in advance not draw up close to their boot then need pull out at an acute angle to get pass
(e) if you can see traffic is slow to pass obstacle on 'your side' then SOMETIMES allow oncoming traffic room to pass their obstruction to ensure a smooth flow traffic in both directions rather than cause a bottle neck where all are unable to move
All down to observation & thinking ahead & consideration for others
All great topics Penny Pincher. I will do one on positioing cutting corners etc. I see it every day. Ginger Snaps you would make a great driving instructor provided your blood pressure doesn't do you in first. Made me laugh though :) I agree with all your points well made too!
Drive 24 in the Herald have lots of my articles/motoring tips pending. Sadly they only appear when they have space. Currently the motoring section is full of car dealer adverts and write up on cars costing upwards of £25,000. I asked for a small regular space however it was not to be. I am grateful to the paper for publishing them when thay have room but it would be great if I could get a regular weekly spot. If you would like to see this please add your comments below in support thankyou
Pining Lass
I think a regular spot would be great as we all need reminding of good road manners and bits from the Highway Code (like not reversing out on to main roads even though it seems sense to drive in so as not to slow traffic at that time. Definite short term thinking!)

But I can see that it they have enough people paying for adverts they are not going to want to lose that income.
I think a regular weekly slot is a good idea & as PL says - some reminders of the Highway Code.
I wonder how many people buy or read the most recent version of the H Code

I attended a safe driving course once run by GlosCountyCouncil part of H&SAW
Advised to always reverse into parking space/place/drive/garage as better to reverse a warm engine & safer if need make a quick exit in an emergency.

Also told NOT to look at ' potential danger' as may be drawn towards it - focus on road & allow peripheral vision to cope - was very helpful around narrow lanes with speeding white van drivers coming round bends on wrong side of road

I think for my next birthday (65) I will take an IAM assessment to check for bad habits!
Thanks PP - all good driving instructors will do driving assessments for all ages. They are not just there for learners :)
A good point Phil - may be less expensive than a IAM assessment .

I think everyone should have a refresher every 10 yrs
It's incredible really that we can be given charge of a 'lethal weapon' in our teens with no check on how we use it, whether bad habit developed, or whether we keep up to date with new road signs etc etc

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