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Ladies who lunch

Would anybody on here like to met up for lunch once a month on wednesday, so thing to look forward, would love to hear from you


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Gill L
I would but Wednesday is not a good day as I play bowls. Good idea though, hope it gets off the ground. Happy New Year.
I'm with Hemsley Heatcare
Amanda H
Aww thats a shame, thanks for your good wishe, happy new year
Rachael A
Hi Amanda, I'm free on a Wednesday. Lunch sounds good :-)
Sue B
Would love to meet like minded ladies who lunch. Count me in.
Sheila C
Yep love to make some friends and also tell you about my new Club
I'm with Fitness over 40
Lovely idea. I would like to come along but it depends on when it is.
Amanda H
I have had great feed back, if you all email me, cause I am still new to streetlife, and then we can arrange something. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Linda W
Would like to join in, will email you
June P
  hello  yes where are you going to have it as we also have one going at the moment at the WHERRY HOTEL  on a TUE  so i go ther  twicve a month

please let me know more  

happy new year and hope  there will be lots nice things to come

best to all   june
June A
Have emailed you, Amanda. Please let know of arrangements.
Beatrice N
is it just for ladies ?
June P
the one on tue  at the wherry hotel is open to all     TUE     1 30 IFR I8T HELPS  but would like to know whewre your one is please 

wish all  happy new year and lots nice things
June P
sory abouut comming  back on but the meet at wherry hotel is going to be

called the  THE BROADSIDERS    as if we all call our meets dif names it

makes it easy    dont you think  as there is so many meets ect      may wish

your clulb well        and i would like to know about when and where your one is pleae

            once again good luck and happy new year  to all
June P
  the next meeting for       the  broadsiders     is wherry  1 30    Tue   5 feb 

    hope to see yo there    dont forget   1 30 tue     5 feb

   happy new year to all
Linda W
Has the Ladies at Lunch set a date? also is there another Wednesday club happening, only did read about a meet at Beecles?

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