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How is Rush Green Dental Practice?

BarryVP in Becontree
I read mixed reviews, naturally as I'd expect for most things really but when it's something you've not done before it can confuse you, I've never been to a dentist for any work before. A few said they were treated well and made to feel relaxed and stuff (the fishtank comment made me laugh) on the website I gave below but in other areas they were said to be dishonest.. Of course that person might of had a bad day and not be telling the truth but then again he might well be and I'm sure quality of treatment of all kinds varies at least slightly by members of staff but I wondered if anyone here had any experience? The reviews on that site were all quite recent i think, interestingly though staff haven't updated the website though because a M.R. Mushtaq is listed who I have just learned was struck of in November this year...not very encouraging..but hopefully they weren't all up to no good. If not does anyone know another good dentist in the area? I'm not having definitive work, just researching first to read up and learn some important dental health stuff and would like to know of a good dentist if it's really needed which I think it probably will be but will keep options open. Thanks.

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