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How is Rush Green Dental Practice?

I read mixed reviews, naturally as I'd expect for most things really but when it's something you've not done before it can confuse you, I've never been to a dentist for any work before. A few said they were treated well and made to feel relaxed and stuff (the fishtank comment made me laugh) on the website I gave below but in other areas they were said to be dishonest.. Of course that person might of had a bad day and not be telling the truth but then again he might well be and I'm sure quality of treatment of all kinds varies at least slightly by members of staff but I wondered if anyone here had any experience? The reviews on that site were all quite recent i think, interestingly though staff haven't updated the website though because a M.R. Mushtaq is listed who I have just learned was struck of in November this year...not very encouraging..but hopefully they weren't all up to no good. If not does anyone know another good dentist in the area? I'm not having definitive work, just researching first to read up and learn some important dental health stuff and would like to know of a good dentist if it's really needed which I think it probably will be but will keep options open. Thanks.


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Colin S
Cowboys who rip their clients off.  Wouldnt touch them again with a bargepole...

But thats just my opinion after going for treatment.  Also quite curious that they ONLY took cash...
Thank you Colin, I appreciate your advice.. I believe at least part of the work would be done on the NHS because it's a health problem, having a dislodged jaw and not just for cosmetic purposes but Ive heard a lot of people talk about the money so whether I was paying or not I am sorry to hear people have been ripped of and would not like to be in the hands of untrustworthy people...I thought it was technically illegal for any business to accept cash these days as it cant be taxed? Is a bit odd.... Perhaps I should go elsewhere.
Angela B inactive
I am with park view dentist near the cardrome, they are smashing and put your mind at rest too. I had a really bad experience with a dentist but park view do care.
Michael Y
Barry S    
I must agree with Colin I went to the rush green dentist and he wanted cash,I thought that was strange and found another dentist.
Another dentist who deals in cash only is the one in collier row I would give them a wide berth also,the dentist in Hornchurch rd I found to be OK but they wanted payment in advance.
Another Dentist in Mawney rd I was far from happy with the treatment I received to be honest Barry over the last 10 years I have used 5 or 6 NHS dentist and none of them were great.
The answer might be to go private but the treatment would be expensive,even the NHS treatment is not cheap,treatment cost range between £17.50 and £208.
Sally M
Sally M
Something very dodge about this dentist in rush green,I was told recently that he advertised for a trainee
dental assistant.
Four young ladies applied and they were all told after interview that they were required to do a 2
 week trial unpaid for a 2 day a week job.
Each one of them was told by the dentist that he was 99% sure that they would be the one he was taking on.So that amounts to 8 weeks slave labour.
Would be interested to know if anyone else has had any experience's like this.
It is really poor that these ladies are so desperate to get employment that these rogues can try
and treat them in this manner.
Thankyou Angela B  Michael Y and Sally M for your comments (late getting back because of christmas) I read all your comments and took them onboard, I will definitely find an alternative and start by trying the ones you have mentioned here! Thanks for your input, you helped me decide by seeing there is something not quite right about rush green dentist..which was exactly what I was hoping for when I asked for advice, I'm sure you have saved me plenty of misfortune and money, thanks! :)
Linda H
If people are having problems with a certain dentist then it should really be reported.
Yeah good point, although perhaps some people here have already? At least this conversation will be available on the internet until the end of time, so anybody searching for Rush Green dentist, should find our little discussion and can read and also confront them with the experiences shared here :P

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