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Recycling / Tip

Does anyone know of somebody who does trips to the tip? Also cost involved? Got lots of garden refuse and cardboard that needs taking up there.


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Patricia C
If you are able to get there, Tesco Honiton have a cardboard recycling centre,  Otter Rotters used to take plant material but don't know if that still happens. if you have a disability I believe you can have a home collection by EDDC.  It's a real problem if you don't have transport, but would suggest a call to EDDC as they should have a solution.
Busy L
Otter Rotters is still going strong, green waste collections have started already in Honiton and throughout East Devon. Bags and tags are available to purchase in Honiton outlets - Dimonds and RKL Hardware, in the High Street. The next collection for Honiton is Monday 25th Feb

All the details are available here
Lyn M
Thanks everyone but I'm lazy and  just want somebody to turn up with a trailer and I'll pay them if such a service exists.
Busy L
Maybe google "Man  and Van Honiton"? There must be someone who will take it; I think that they would have to have  a waste licence though, to take away someone else's stuff; the council should be able to help with some ideas though.
Sharon P
Add a post to the Transition Town Honiton Facebook page someone may be able to help. I go up there every couple of months but have a tiny car now so can only really fit in my drink cartons and odd bits. I use the cardboard skip at Tesco. For garden waste - strongly recommend Otter Rotters :)

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