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Romford Town Centre

Seen in Romford  Recorder improvement? work to be done repaving etc in South Street.  Have any of the Council Street Care department  walked around  Marks Road, Palm Road and Mildmay Roads lateley these pavements could do with being improved they are uneven and dangerous to walk on.


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Top Golfer
If pavements need to be improved then why dont the council use all the blocks and slabs that are being taken up again in hornchurch,i think most of them have only been down 12 months,and yet again grab lorries are there just grabbing em all up before being dumped(unless someone knows what they do with them) Talking of hornchurch has anyone tried driving or even walking through there lately,oh what joys.who in there right mind would sit round a table and say ,i know what lets dig both sides of the road up at the same time,and see what fun road users have trying to get round,oh and while were at it lets leave the crossing outside costa coffee live and watch people and traffic all suffer at the same time.
Its part of the plan to improve the area for all not just selfish motorists who want to get as quickly as possible through town.I believe they are widening the pavement in areas to let some parking bays in the pavement and charge the parkers.
Any thing to help make Hornchurch more attractive.
Well i hope they don't use the same planers that Woodgreen used they widend the pavements put in a couple of parking bays( took three years they kept digging it up and starting again ) left just enough room for two busses to pass with aprox an inch to spare and constantly knocked the rear view mirors off delivry trucks parked in bays
Same problem round here in Dag,pavements are so dangerous to walk on,my mum has tripped up on them before but they have been in bad state for so many years its like the council have overlooked them.

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