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2011 Census Figures

The 2011 census figures for Sidmouth and Sidford combined show that the % of population over 65 has reduced from 39.38% in 2001 to 38.36% in 2011.  During the same time the under 15s have increased from12.06% to 12.74% and the 16-64s from 48.06% to 48.62%.
So much for the theory that Sidmouth's population is getting older! We've got more families and more children, but less oldies!
Full details here -
So why do we need a new care home on The Knowle????? Please tell me EDDC.


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Tell It As It Is inactive
Very interesting .............. I've always thought that those from the Home Counties are indeed able to retire a little earlier ................ at around 50+ ........which has increased the 16-64 age group. Thanks for spending time on that research.
Interesting take TIAIS - I suppose they're the ones with the extra under 15s are they? :)
Tell It As It Is inactive
Oooh I would very much doubt it ................ that 0.68% increase could easily be covered by local families and single mothers.
Barnacle Bill
Eh? Less wrinklies in Sidmouth - do you walk around with your eyes closed hibou?
The problem with facts is they get in the way of a good story :)
Although to be fair to BB the overall population has increased by nearly 450 people between 2001 and 2011, so there are actually 90 more oldies (the difference between 39.38% of 7895 in 2001 and 38.36% of 8340 in 2011).
But they all live around Waitrose - the other areas have suffered reductions.
Anne V inactive
BB, hibou is a nocturnal bird therefore sees more drunken youths than wrinklies on their daytime errands. :)
Barnacle Bill
No - I just hear the little scrotes!

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