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Lighting on the junction of Bell Lane and Foxhall Road

This junction is very hard to see in the dark when coming from Ipswich. Does anyone else see this as a issue?


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Heather O
Yes I agree, however i tend to look on right side of road also as opposite junction is more noticeable can then approach slowly at right time.Maybe some reflective road signs/chevrons etc would help? Presume that would need to be funded by Suffolk Coastal?
Dave L inactive
There's a big sign telling motorists to put their headlights on.
Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme
Overshot it a couple of times myself when I first moved here but have just had to memorise whatever landmarks are visible at night, In fact I've gone straight past it in daylight coming from the other direction but I think I was concentrating on something else! Coming from the Ipswich direction, there are some white arrows on the road telling you to pull in if you are overtaking.
Holly P
It's not a problem if you're driving with full attention as you should be, as there's a road sign warning you of a road on your left, as for the headlights sign that's telling you to put them on in the daylight as when it's dark you should already have them on! The point of this is so that people can see you approaching from the dark of the trees when they're waiting to pull out from Bell Lane.
Dave L inactive
Holly P - I didn't realise it was necessary to explain the point of the sign :-)
Holly P
No not really it's just that the person starting up this conversation was talking about 'in the dark' when you're going to have your headlights on anyway, hopefully, whether the sign is up or not :-)
Holly P
I think that the main problem with this junction is that it needs to be widened at the end of Bell Lane so that if you are turning off to Martlesham, for example, you have a separate lane for doing so. This would mean you're not having to wait for the car in front of you to turn to Ipswich which takes longer, as 2 directions of traffic are having to be clear before they can turn. At certain times of the day the queue of cars waiting to turn off Bell Lane can be very long. Also, many drivers do not put their lights on in the daylight, even though there is the sign up as mentioned previously, which means you don't always see them especially if they're going too fast, pull out and then with a slight hill to go up towards M'sham, you're taking a while to pick up speed....
Richard G
HOLLY P - Those types of junctions you mention are the most dangerous , so hopefully that doesn't happen . It doesn't help that the area is dark , council don't want to spend any money either and just put a sign up to say put  your lights on for 200M ish , pathetic excuse for a solution.
As is the norm nowadays Local councils have made no provision for the road network when giving permission to developers to build new houses. Grange Farm is too big and there are far too many people with cars living there. Foxhall Road and Main Road Kesgrave are still the routes into Ipswich and out to the A12/14 and with too much traffic you get queues , a product of our country now. You just have to give yourself more time to get about ipswich/kesgrave area now.
Holly P
Why is it more dangerous?
Dave L inactive
The best solution is for people to slow down and not be so impatient.  That may sound provocative, but too many drivers refuse to match their driving to the surroundings.
Thankfully I dont have to travel to Ipswich for work, but when I do drive to Ipswich, whichever way I am eventually heading, I always go via main road Kesgrave (the A1214) - I can't see any need to drive down Bell Lane and then along Foxhall Road.
If I'm heading for the A14, then I invariably go via Martlesham, although it is tempting to drive down Dobbs Lane, and the left turn out of there is more manageable.
PS: I've lived in Kesgrave for nearly 20 years.
Richard G
It is a Crossroads junction and to install a slip road to turn left is/has always been a cause of very serious accidents . For example the A12 junction turning to halesworth used to be  just a T junction with a slip/turn left towards lowestoft junction . This has now been stopped/closed /changed .
What happens at these on fast roads (A12 and the junction this is about) is that there are some hesitant people who cause those in a hurry (i say impatient) to take risks . The view to your right can be blocked by the driver waiting to turn towards Ipswich and quite often this can cause the impatient driver to pull out . Also if the driver waiting to turn right towards ipswich is quick to react the driver turning left at the same time thinks they have got time too and pulls out at the same time . The really serious accidents where deaths have occurred many times is that the quick to react driver clears the carriageway and gets onto the ipswich bound carriageway quickly . The car that he has seen coming continues travelling towards martlesham and is then confronted by another car pulling out (the one who has turned left at the same time as the quick reactor) travelling slowly (quite often the elderly) this causes the car coming from ipswich to brake or to take avoiding action. This quite oftens causes head on collisions casuing deaths due to the high impact speed . Another major death location is A11 Elveden  crossroads , also on a fast road which is now traffic light controlled. Hope this explains ??
The solution at this junction is a roundabout junction , there will be a death here soon , especially now the road opposite Monument Farm lane is being used alot more at rush hour.
I have lived near this junction for 45 years and driven around this junction for 33 years . The increase in near misses has risen dramatically since Grange Farm appeared
Holly P
I agree, that a roundabout is needed here, with lights.

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