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Plumbing in a dishwasher

Does anyone know of a reliable plumber or handyman who could plumb in a dishwasher in Watton


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Heather N
Visit for local tradesmen and businesses
Rob M
Thanks for that, very helpful. Does anyone have any experience of any of them?
Mr H
I would recomend abbey plumbing
Fruit an' nut
i would reccommend Helpful Henry on 01953 881859 he has done quite a few little jobs for us and we have always been happy with his work.  His charges are very reasonable too.
Rob M
Thanks, that's very helpful.
Rob M
I used Helpful Harry 01953 881859. He was very quick, efficient and reasonable. I will be using him again and I have no hesitation in recommending his services. He is a real pleasure to do business with.
Fruit an' nut
Pleased my recommendation was ok. I thought his name was Helpful Henry??
Rob M
Sorry. It is "Helpful Henry" 01953 881859

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