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Child care

Hi I'm looking for a local female who loves children and has time to spare once or twice a week.
Contact me if yr available


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Lesley S
your kids are precious. take care when getting someone to look after them. ensure they are registered child minders for a start.
Deborah R
I totally agree with Lesley regarding being extremely careful about who you take on. Go to your local SureStart centre who can give you a list of registered child minders. Perhaps you could ask other parents if they could recommend somebody. You might get an unregistered person to look after your child a bit cheaper but you simply cannot put a price tag on your child's safety. All registered child minders have had their homes inspected for suitability and are police checked (CRB). If your child is at school then you could enquire if they run any early morning or after school clubs as most of them do nowadays. Good luck, perhaps you could share your experience for the benefit of other parents who are in a similar position.
Sher T
Thank you both for your comments.
I will contact sure start. Would never take anyone without the right checks.

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