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Public Footpaths

Mike L in Barnham
I've re-posted my statement below because I believe there must be many people out there who walk through Redcastle wood and share this view.  In unity there is strength so if other (dirt track users) wish to lend their support in trying to take this forward towards the creation  of a safe public footpath through the wood, then I suggest your voice ought to be heard at Thetford Town Council in this regard at:  01842 754247  or    I have raised the question with the Town Council to get these dirt tracks registered as public rights of way.  This seems to be a required preliminary step before any justification for improvement  to the dirt tracks can be made.  I believe there is a good argument  for an  upgrade which is why
I'm on a mission to get three muddy dirt tracks through Redcastle Plantation  connecting  St. Johns Estate with Canterbury Road (Abbey Farm Estate) made into proper footpaths so people don't have to trip themselves up in bramble vines trying to avoid huge mud puddles, or trip over tree stumps and exposed roots.  But first,  I am told it must be registered as a public right of way!  Would you believe it!!!  How many years have mothers with push chairs and young kids hanging on, have had to contend with this---never mind the hundreds of other people who use these muddy tracks---and still,--- it needs to be registered as a public right of way before anything can be done about it.  It just defies belief!!                                                       

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