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Clothes Dye

Hi all - Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in town that sells a good selection of Dylon clothes dye please.  Thanks


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Paula B
try wilkinsons,my local branch here in leicstershire has a big selection.
lizzie s

   hi Sasha 

also Mumfords in southwold high street. like an alladins cave in there.

lizzie s
mumfords in Southwold is a sort of sell anything, some kitchen gadgets i havent seen in years plus lovely glassware and pots. some of the glassware and pots are not cheap, but other items are very reasonable. its a bit like the old Pryces was in Lowestoft. its opposite the post office and a little way further to charity shop. i think. if you come into southwold and turn in by the public house, go round the back road it will bring you onto the common where you can park for free. the post office is just round the corner from the common. plus there is a dear little cafe (old world) called Tilly's. hopes this helps
Sasha H
Thanks so much everyone I got some in Wilkinsons in town x
It was a year ago now, but Godfreys (Lowestoft) had a really good range.
Toni D
I bought some in Palmers little while ago x

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