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Fencing Contractor

I need to replace posts, gravel boards, fence panels in my back garden - would welcome any fencing company recommendations please :o)


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Gerry S
These people have always done a good job for me and other family members - their prices are very reasonable too ....

J & NW Timber
Mr R Waller
Johnora Shorthorn Road
NR10 5NU

Tel: 01603 754216
Gary R
Phillip Wright 01603 754373.Ihave known this person for over 20 years and is an excellent tradesman.To see an example of his work the fence that runs beside the bungalow at tills close in Sprowston beside the footpath.
Julie B
Thats brilliant guys, I was also looking for someone to do fencing thanks so much
I'm with Norwich in Bloom
Linda K
Thanks both - much appreciated!
Stuart M
I have a company called Birghwood construction. Mike is a great guy who does a fantastic job.

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