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NO! to lorry park!

Well done Woodbridge for getting organised and objecting to the Sizewell C lorry park. Meanwhile Wickham Market sits on its bs and arrogantly thinks it won't happen to us! Wake Up and smell the coffee. The lorry park is coming to our village. House price depreciation, congestion, pollution, noise, traffic problems .... it is not rocket science. Get off your butt now and do something. Firstly sharet this on Facebook, get people engaged - if each person pushes we have voice. do something today! And another thing - in my days as a policeman lorry parks attracted two particular characters - thieves and ladies of the night. If you don't want a lorry park - do something


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Bruce W
Two or three points occur to me.
One,these lorry parks are a way of filtering the traffic north through Marlesford,Glemham,Farnham etc so they detract from the need for a bypass.
Two,on the parksite they will need comfort facilities,possibly overnight sleeping accommodation and refreshment outlets,it will end up more  like a satellite village.
Three,will Suffolk Coastal take any notice of our objections given their past form on housing developments and so on.
Julian E
Suffolk Coastal will take the bung! Just as the Parish Council - they are desperate for a new roof on the village hall. By bung I mean the official benefit available to the local community for development work that may upset the residents. My worry is that because it is not in their back garden there is a perception that there will be no impact. Go to Orwell Crossing at 3am and tell me that is a village environment!
Ronald T
it will be a sad day for Wickham Market and Woodbridge, if these lorry parks and park and ride came to either of these towns..Lets hope the powers that be see some sense.
Bruce W
The trouble is the powers to be are motivated by pounds signs and smooth talkers and not what is best for the community or the environement .After Sizewell B was finished the local unemployment soared to t the influx of imported labour who never left when the job was completed. The same will happen again, there will be very few recruited locally creating an even greater housing crisis. Leiston became a virtual no go area. Another point, what will happen afterwards if these schemes go ahead. There will be a vast area of concrete with no prospective use. One idea I have heard mentioned is Parham airfield. An already unused, surfaced area with a nice straight access road to the A12 which would only need widening although I think the owner of Glemham Hall might have something to say about it.

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