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I was thinking of setting up an idea about shopping for the infirm and disabled ie  buying and delivering items  such as bread milk potatoes bacon eggs and the like  what do people think of the idea


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I think you will find that Tesco, sainsburys, asda, ocardo have beat you too it.
Traci R
Yes they have G R but many elderly/infirm have not got a computer to place an order. So if they could just ring someone up and give a small list over the phone, would be ideal. For a small fee I reckon this would be a good service. . .Go for it Steve
Pam D
It's a great idea and one we've been trying to set up over here but we're waiting for our CRB checks to come through.

It's more than just shopping; it's a human to speak to.
Lindsey B
Well my mlkman delivers all those type of things too , and you dont need a compuetr you have a form to fill in..They are reasonably priced butb dont stock everythng...
Steve W
GR  i agree  tesco and the likes. and the milkman do deliver to people but have you seen the prices they charge and home delivery normally has a minimum charge of about £25 i know i can get the prices better and would not have to set a minimum amount that would  have to be spent
as an example i could sell bread (hovis) at £1  Milk at the same for 2 litre all i would need is people to spend roughly £5-10 each to make things work and of course people could phone and pay for the items when delivered
Jill B
I think this service would appeal to older people who could talk to the person who delivered about what they wanted and the quality of items etc.   Not everyone wants a vast, impersonal service.
Lindsey B
the mlkman is free delivery and no minimum order , but well give it a go if you thnk it would work...i am sure you have a buisness plan...
Have you seen the price the milkman charges for the goods though?
Steve G
Go for it Steve.  Although a good social contact the milkman can't compete on price with Tesco's etc.  However to get best price from the supermarket you need to purchase 2,3 or more of the same item otherise you pay a  premium when bying just one.  I've always thought that most pensioners suffer in this way as they can only afford to buy one item at a time.  By collating orders from a number of pensioners it may be possible to  buy multiples and share them out at the lowest price.
Lindsey B
Yes I have , but it includes the delivery... I thnk its a good idea for Steve but he needs to make a decent living and also have a round that isnt too far spread out otherwise the cost in petrol will outdo his profits. Maybe canvas a few sheleterd accom places to see if there is any interest , make a buisness plan ...and go for it..matbe even contact local carers who have difficulty shopping. I am not against what Steve is suggesting , just letting him know whats out there..I am all for helpng our elderly and infirm.
Alan B
Steve a great idea but full of pitfalls.

You may need a CRB check, public liability insurance, if you use your car make sure your insurance covers you for business use. You may also have to keep accounts, submit your returns at the end of the financial year to the inland revenue and it may effect your tax position and any benefits your receive.

I do not want to put you off, but I speak from experience. It is better to check these things out before you start rather than fall fail of the authorities later.
Steve G
I assumed it was on a voluntary basis, not a business.
Steve W
thank you for all the comments made i am going to talk with the local social services about  this idea and hopefully i can get them to do the CRB check for  me of which i have no worries
In answer to steve G i would be looking to make a small profit from this but not a fortune it would help both my self and others as it would make my own shopping slightly cheaper
In reply to many i have looked at prices and i know its highly feasible to supply cheaper prices than the milkman and also i would not have to deliver on a minimum cost of the likes of the big boys that charge for delivery if the total order value is under £25
again i say thank you for the positive feedback
i will when collated suppy those interseted with a full list with costs then its up th those individuals to inform me if they are interested
i was looking if possible to do the deliveries on possibly mondays  and fridays
Colin S
Interesting thinking.  Problem is that you need to make a small profit. 
This then has to cover your increased car insurance and servicing, wear and tear and fuel.   Pretty soon you will find your prices are getting closer to the local milkman (or its latest verions of mobile grocer with milk).
However, you really need to think about the time you will spend on deliveries.  People may indeed pay to have you delivery, particularly as you seem to be a chatty guy and thats what your particular customers will look forward to.  But at what point does it become ' company for a while' as opposed to just a 'delivery' service...! 
Good luck with it though, my wife used to do Home Care and spent a lot of her own time (unpaid) taking the time to talk to the people she met.
Lynne T
Good luck Steve W
but take note of Alan B and Colin S as I too was a Home Carer and part of the package was for some service users (or old folk ) to have a weekly shop which could be highly hilarious sometimes. They want what they want even if it doesn't exist lol. Good job I loved them and ended up most of the time taking stuff back because it wasn't what they wanted or even paying for stuff myself as not given enough money usually for no pay by my company.
 I have a friend who does this shopping as a volunteer each week for Havering. Definitely will have to be CRB checked and as you will be a private business you will have to pay for this yourself.
I do know from old clients in Upminster that they used a chap who was known as The Egg Man which was popular. He delivered every week and not sure what other goods he sold too.
Also maybe get a duplicate book that they can see before they order as they will often forget I am afraid and this can be stressful for them. The problem is when they get older they don't want or can't cook for themselves any more and that is where the ready made food industry like Meals On wheels or Whiltshire Foods is taking over. So you are just left with a bottle of milk and coffee or tea bags and things like soap powder, toilet rolls etc.
All things to be thought out but love to hear or people having a go at starting up their own business.
Wish you lots of luck in your venture.
Mark H
Not to put a dampener on this - but I think your profit margins would be far too small to make it economical as a business and you cannot achieve any economies of scale.  I think you would even struggle to run it as a non-profit organisation.  The milkman isn't a millionaire because of the prices he charges, he charges those prices as he has to to cover his expenses!

I do think setting up a network of volunteers to help the elderly in their own street would be valuable.  Where I come from ('up north') you would always check on your elderly neighbours and see if they needed anything from the shops.  But that doesnt seem to happen in London - everyone is so private.  We have a few elederly neighbours on our street - would happily go and do their shopping on just add a few things on our Tesco delivery for them - but I just dont think they would trust us.
Rob G
Godd luck Steve but as some of the others have mentioned profits will be very small even non-existent
But have a go but don't lay out too much to start with
Sheila J
I think this is a good idea, of course people would have to have CRB checks, also this service is offerered by AGE UK, at an hourly rate, by CRB checked staff together with some care staff who often take in bits of shopping when doing a care call. Its not the same as having family, neighbours or friends to do this for you.

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