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Is Bodgers Closing down


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Mark V
I've heard it's just a clearance before a re-vamp Jon.
Dee S
I hope it doesnt close down, I like its "old fashioned" design, wasnt happy a few years back when they revamped their coffee shop, stopped using it.
Rob G
It could be a re-vamp,that is what they did to Roome Stores in Upminster when they took it over,completely re-gutted it and then put the prices up,that is why my wife stopped going there
Dee S
Rob G you have hit the nail exactly on the head, I noticed the coffee shop/restaurant prices went up immediately after Roomes revamp.
Derek L
It is just a clearance sale before a revamp.  I got a few bargains on Wednesday.  I got an invite, which is weird as I never shop there but my wife does occassionally.
Lizzie D
They've told us at the Ilford Recorder that they're not. Just clearing before getting new stock in.
Barbara M
Sales are always worth a visit at Bodgers. We have bought bed linen, small furnishings and kitchen goods many times in the sales.

Regularly we shop there for yarns and haberdashery. A wide selection of colours and some varied fashionable yarns are always available.... and we are occasionally tempted to buy other items outside sales events!
Dee S
I loved Fairheads too, especally as a kid when the cash was put in those overhead cans and whizzed across the room above your head to the cashier, anyone remember that ? way before the days of credit cards.
Jon P
I didnt live in ilford then but in muswell hill there was a shop called northern house where they had the overhead cans

they were great
Rob G
Dee S I never went into Fairheads as I don't live this way but I can remenber those overhead cans zooming across the ceiling with the coins rattling inside then traveling back with the change and receipt
They probably wouldn't allow that nowadays beause of health and safety!
Alan B
Went into Bodgers yesterday ( Monday) and it was still open and seemed to have the same number of items for sale.

Were a lot of people panicked into buying thinking that they were getting a bargain ?

Does anybody know when they are actually closing down ?
Jon P
Maybe its not closing down, in fairness they never said they were closing down unlike some other strores who constantly say they are about to close to attract customers to their amazing deals but just open as normal
Alan B
Sorry I should have said, does anybody know when they are closing down for refurbishment or do they intend to stay open while the work is in progress ?
Skit Z
Reminds you of the (never-ending) DFS sale? lol
Alan B
Went into Bodgers this afternoon, doesn't look any different, still got a sale on, like it has for the past 2 months.

As per my previous comment.Were a lot of people panicked into buying thinking that they were getting a bargain ?
Dee S
I know someone who works in Dreams she says it is  terribly hard to keep up with their endless sales.

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