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South felixstowe home development

So who read in the Evening Star, that our Felixstowe Town
Council now have reservations as to whether to builders are allocating the 2 million pounds towards the Marintime park and facilities.
They now believe the the sum will be much less and are trying to get information from Suffolk Coastal?
Surely when the deal was being brokered, it would have been placed in the written contract as to who much the builders were going to put into the project, to enable them to have the site in the first place?

What s going on with our Councils?


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Marc T inactive
Well well well.  Who saw that coming?

Me, for a start.  

To be honest, I'll be staggered if Bloor actually even so much as lay a sod of grass for the "Maritime Park".  There's no profit in it, nobody wants it and it'll be a financial burden on the Council.  Better to leave it as it is - a handy place to let your dogs run.  If there is any "bunce" left in the "Martello Park" (ha ha ha) then it'll be presented in brown paper bags to various local planners, I bet.
Richard L
Hi Marc

Yes it is just unbelievable that SCDC and Felixstowe Council did not have the amount of 2 million pounds actually in writing and a written plan as to what was going to be done.

As you say lots of brown paper bags will be flying around , I am sure.

God Bless our planning officer
Marc T inactive
Frankly, the levels of incompetence displayed at all levels of the Planning Process beggar belief.  But then, that seems to be the way of the world now - the more you're paid, the more you can screw things up.
Sally C
I have seen occasions where the developer had to build the improvements before they built what they wanted - oh wait, that was in America, the so called land or little regulation. They know how to force compliance over there
Marc T inactive
To be fair, we know how to ensure compliance here too!  It's called contract law.  It seems that the people in control of the contracts aren't acting in the best interests of those they purport to serve.  Inexplicable really.
Zaax D
The people living down Orford Road as not liking the 4 storey new houses that are looming over their homes with loss of light. 

If you live down Manor terrace MOVE as your are going to hate it, when the next stage is built
Stick of Rock
People can only move if people buy their houses.
Zaax D
Those houses are now only worth £150K but the price will go down once the new houses opposite are actually built, and buyers can see how they are loomed ovber
Marc T inactive
No-one in their right minds would by a house opposite a building site, surely?
Stick of Rock
The more the price goes down the less likely the owners will be to find else where to buy and end up being forced to stay put.
Marc T inactive
Well, of the three that were up for sale last year, one has sold and the other two have been taken off the market.  
Also, one rental property has been now occupied with the rent at 75% of what it was in 2012.

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