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St Andrew`s Street South

Ref the Bury Free press this week, at last someone has recognised the problem in this area of town!
Yes I agree we don`t need the roundabout but we definitely need one Kings Rd end.
Market days we constantly see motorists come up St. Andrew`s St South only to wonder which way to go as the barrier is in place at top of Woolhall St. They then  decide to go on behind  Boots where shoppers risk their lives each time they cross.
I cycle regularly through this area & find unless I ring my bell no one looks left or right but assume they have right of way to cross.
Will narrowing the entrance both ends work?
Would moving the bus stops (Boots & Palmers) help? Surely the less mobile amongst the public would have problems.
How about rumble strips along this road?
When will the rest of this road down to the traffic lights on Cullum road roundabout be resurfaced? Road markings are almost elegible so cars are parked all along here.
Come on Mr Oliver lets get this sorted asap.


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Bob M
How about rising barriers operable only by authorised delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles and public transport/taxis.
John B
I would like to see this part of St Andrews Street pedestrianised both for the safety of pedestrians and to reduce the noise and polution for residents of the Arc. It is inconsiderate of bus drivers and delivery drivers to leave their engines running whilst waiting.
Buses could stop at the top of St Andrews Street North which is no further from the market than the stop behind Boots.
As regards rumble strips I wonder how Audrey would like them outside her home?
Closing this area off to traffic would enable it to be developed into a nice open area with seats, trees etc.
Jan G
I also think this area would be better pedestrianised but don't think it will happen until there is an accident which everybody knows is just waiting to happen.

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